From: Brent on
On 2010-06-11, Scott in SoCal <scottenaztlan(a)> wrote:
> The scene: a surface street leading to a freeway on-ramp at rush hour.
> The on-ramp is at the far right of the picture. Two lanes of traffic
> coming from the left are doing a zipper merge at the choke point just
> past the first left turn pocket. Since traffic is heavy, naturally it
> is moving slowly - too slowly for a MFFY in a white Accord, who whips
> out into the left turn pocket and follows the path marked with the red
> arrow:
> The coup de grace: upon reaching the entrance to the ramp, he forces
> his way into the line of cars whose drivers had just gone through the
> merge and waited their turn.

Um, that's neither new nor creative except maybe in CA.