From: Catman on
Silk wrote:
> On 22/11/2009 17:17, Catman wrote:
>> Silk wrote:
>>> On 22/11/2009 14:07, R C Nesbit wrote:
>>>> So why didn't you?
>>> Bikers and lorry drivers are two sides of the same coin. Both pig
>>> ignorant and think they're better than everyone else, in spite of
>>> having a death wish.
>> So are you a biker, or a lorry driver?
> I drive a car, like most normal people. I just happen to be rather good
> at it.

Ahh sorry. Confusion there. Since you are pig ignorant and think you're
better than everyone else, I thought you must be one or the other. Mea

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On 22/11/2009 22:38, Pip Luscher wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Nov 2009 21:05:17 +0000, Silk<me(a)> wrote:
>> I drive a car, like most normal people. I just happen to be rather good
>> at it.
> Based on what? Whose opinion, other than your own? What aspect of
> driving? Vehicle control on the road? Race track? Dirt? If on the
> road, how do you know you're in good control? Observeance of the law/
> good practice/ courtesy? Measured how?

I'm an expert in road driving. IAM advanced, IAM Observer, 50,000 miles
a year business driver for over 20 years and general road driving
enthusiast. As I've said, I'm not the best, but I think you'll agree my
extra training and vast experience qualifies me more than most who don't
do anything other than pass a basic test.
> I don't personally claim any special driving prowess BTW; I'm almost
> certainly on the average side of average. But I've never measured it.
> I *have* had an obseved m'cycle rideout, which went reasonably well,
> but that's all since my test.

I don't claim anything superhuman and I'm certainly not what you would
call a naturally good driver, but I've put the work in, so that
qualifies me to have more of an opinion than some people on this group
(uk.r.d) who mock from the sidelines.

From: Steve Firth on
Andy Bonwick <nospam(a)> wrote:

> It's obvious really because people wanting to take their motorcycle
> test are trained by motorcyclists and the pass rate is pretty high.

That explains why the standard of riding in this country is so low.
From: Steve Firth on
SteveH <italiancar(a)> wrote:

> > What's an *IAM Observer*? Is it someone who
> > stares at advanced drivers on the corner of a
> > street all day long?
> Heh.
> Someone who looks like a geography teacher, clutches a clip-board, but
> wasn't good enough at driving to become a driving examiner or police
> driver.

But who, like Ray Keatch and "Silk" consider themselves to be God's gift
to driving.

Although Ray hasn't quite managed to work up to Silk's level of
self-delusion yet. Silk is fairly "special" in his claims that he is
such a superior driver that in his hands a Skoda Octavia diseasel
repmobile becomes better than the best that is offered for sale by any
"premium" manaufacturer such as BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Porsche etc.

And of course there's his extensive driving experience to consider. That
is, his daily commute from Cribbs Causeway to Newport.
From: Oily on

"Andy Bonwick" wrote.........

Conor wrote:

> >
> >If the HGV test is so easy, how come so many car drivers fail it?
> Because they're being trained by Yorkie munchers?
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