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> In article <TMSdnXoM9Ls-XJDWnZ2dnUVZ7tFi4p2d(a)>, Ray Keattch
> says...
>> The high beam helps the driver behind to see further ahead
> Rubbish. Clue: Big lump of metal in the way. Line of sight.

Not rubbish at all. Clue : road positioning.

>> - the use of
>> main beam is not being taken as a signal to overtake!
> It was earlier in the thread by Clive who seems to have gone very quiet.

Oi - I've never suggested such a thing. In fact I've mentioned several times
that you're wrong in that assumption.

As I said only about 2 hours ago (though it must have been very quietly,
since you've not noticed), I've only seen you and Silk say it's about
signalling it's safe to overtake.

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>> > Yet it has been mentioned earlier in this thread that they were used as
>> > an indicator of an oncoming vehicle.
>> By who?
> You.

Are you lying or just confused? I've done no such thing. I even checked that
there wasn't anything which could be misread - I'm pretty sure there isn't.

Can you give me a message-id?

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On 25 Nov, 23:30, Harry Bloomfield <harry.m1...(a)>
> NM expressed precisely :
> > Why is it encumbent on the truck driver to help you make your mind up?
> Why is it encumbent upon me to give way to a truck which is struggling
> to get out at a junction. Why is it encumbent upon me to hold back and
> hold back the vehicles behind me when a truck is struggling his way
> around a tight two lane roundabout, when I could easily fly past him at
> no risk to me. It is called courtesy.

The expectation of which is not a right.

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Conor <conor(a)> wrote:

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>vulgarandmischevious says...
>> The classic not-very-bright truck-drivers response to any complaint.
>The truth hurts does it?
>> So, I suppose you never complain about anyone else who provides an
>> essential service when they do it poorly?
>They're not doing it poorly. Just because you happen to get held up due
>to your incompetence doesn't impact on the fact they get the goods to
>where they're supposed to be going when they're supposed to get there.

You would do well to remember that I hold a C+E licence.

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General observation: why is the last refuge of complete
tossers? Think Spacker on upce.

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