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"The Medway Handyman" <davidlang(a)> gurgled happily,
sounding much like they were saying:

>>>>> So, which part of the UK do you reside in?

>>>> It's hardly a state secret that I live on the edge of the Chilterns,

>>> You mean between Luton & Reading?

>> Congratulations, you've narrowed it down to somewhere approaching 1/4
>> of the circumference of London.

> I didn't fuckwit, you did. "the edge of the Chilterns".
> Congratulations, you've narrowed it down to between Luton & Reading and
> Hemel & Aylesbury. Which contains some of the most god awful places in
> the UK.

Indeed. Some of them are almost as bad as the Medway towns. Almost.

Just as well I don't live in any of them, eh?

There's also a lot of very nice places indeed around here.

> "the edge of the Chilterns" rather than a specific location suggests you
> have something to hide.

No, not really. My identity - and full home address - isn't difficult to
find for anybody with the vaguest of clue. I just don't feel it necessary
to shout it quite as loudly as you do.
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Phil W Lee wrote:
> "The Medway Handyman" <davidlang(a)> considered
> Tue, 15 Dec 2009 21:17:30 GMT the perfect time to write:
>> Phil W Lee wrote:
>>> "The Medway Handyman" <davidlang(a)> considered
>>> Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:40:27 GMT the perfect time to write:
>>>> MasonS(a) wrote:
>>>>> On 14 Dec, 15:44, Peter Grange <pe...(a)> wrote:
>>>>>> On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 14:15:42 +0000, ChelseaTractorMan
>>>>>> <mr.c.trac...(a)> wrote:
>>>>>>> On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 18:14:23 +0000, Peter Grange
>>>>>>> <pe...(a)> wrote:
>>>>>>>> I was responding to "Cyclists don't pay VED". I am a cyclist, I
>>>>>>>> pay VED. The End.
>>>>>>> Not the end. VED is charged to car owners, if a car owner
>>>>>>> happens to cycle that does not demonstrate anything at all.
>>>>>>> Stupid point.
>>>>>> Not stupid at all. Pedantic maybe, but I'm trying to get through
>>>>>> to a man who wants me to pay a tax that doesn't exist. How stupid
>>>>>> is that?
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> Pete - The Tax Paying Driving Licence Owning Cyclist
>>>>> Not only that, he wants to create a *new tax* that will costs
>>>>> millions in admin and which will charge its recipients precisely
>>>>> nothing.
>>>> Who said I wanted to charge cyclists nothing? I want the
>>>> freeloaders to pay their share.
>>> So you'll be supporting moves to raise motoring taxes to a level
>>> that accurately reflects the costs to the taxpayer of providing the
>>> facilities they make necessary then?
>> I'd support moves to change motoring taxes to a level that reflects
>> the costs of roads - because them us motorists would all get a
>> rebate.
>>> That way, the costs to the general taxpayer of providing motoring
>>> facilities would be zero,
>> They already are.
>>> and the excess general tax could be
>>> redirected to providing far better cycling facilities, as well as
>>> enabling a massive reduction in general taxation.
>> Spoken like a true sponging freeloader. Get tax paying motorists to
>> provide facilities to cyclists who don't pay to use th eroads.
> I know you're thick, so I'll type this slowly.

Please don't steal my one liners.

> The cost of motoring to society is about twice as much as the taxes
> raised directly from motoring,

Only if you spin the figures to support your silly argument.

> That means that in order not to be spongers, the motorists would need
> to pay twice as much in taxation on motoring.

Oh no it doesn't.

> That's right - for every pound a motorist pays in fuel duty, VED, VAT
> on fuel and other motoring costs, another pound has to be contributed
> from general taxation just to keep the system going.

Complete rubbish and you know it.


> Now, print this out and take it to your nearest adult education
> centre, and they will explain it to you, since you clearly need the
> help in comprehension that they are best equipped to provide.

Give them a call & see if they help with maths.

Dave - The Tax Paying Motorist

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Phil W Lee wrote:
> "The Medway Handyman" <davidlang(a)> considered
> Tue, 15 Dec 2009 21:20:48 GMT the perfect time to write:
>> Keitht wrote:
>>> Happi Monday wrote:
>>>> The Medway Handyman wrote:
>>>>> Janet & John see Simple Simon.
>>>>> They call him Simple Simon because he's a bit thick.
>>>>> Simple Simon thinks horses are vehicles!
>>>>> Simple Simon thinks shoes are vehicles!
>>>>> Simple Simon thinks children's toys are vehicles!
>>>>> See Janet & John laugh at Simple Simon for making a prat out of
>>>>> himself again.
>>>> I confess, if you're as good at handymaning as you are at comedy,
>>>> I'd use your services :-)
>>> Dunno, if that's his finished work I'd go elsewhere.
>> You certainly would. Being a cyclist you wouldn't want to pay the
>> going rate for the job. You'd just whinge & expect someone else to
>> pay.
> More likely do it himself.

Like I said, cheapskate.

> Us cyclists are used to doing practical stuff - which may be why you
> hate us so much.

No, I just hate you because you are sponging freeloading whingers.

> I'm sure you'd rather have more people who are only capable of
> waddling to and from their cars than people who actually do stuff.

So, now all motorists are fat bastards are they?

Dave - The Tax Paying Motorist

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paul george wrote:
> On 15 Dec, 12:31, JNugent <J...(a)> wrote:
>> Peter Grange wrote:
>>> Oi, what's wrong withGillingham?
>> Nothing. Nice little place in Dorset, on the way to more important places.
> No, that's Gillingham, he said Gillingham.

I meant gil'ham, home of the Chav, and worse, home of the lovely Chavette.
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NM <nik.morgan(a)> writes:

> On 3 Dec, 10:17, d...(a) wrote:
>> Adrian <toomany2...(a)> writes:
>> > d...(a) gurgled happily, sounding much like they were saying:
>> >> keepers of vehicles cannot be a subset of motorists.
>> > Of course they can. Or have you never heard of somebody driving a car of
>> > which they are not the registered keeper? Hire car, company car, works
>> > van?
>> If "keepers of vehicles" are a subset of motorists, all keepers of
>> vehicles must be motorists
> Not necessarily, there is no requirement for the registered keeper of
> any vehicle to be a driving licence holder.

I have drawn a picture to help you understand the relevance of your post
in this discussion

/|\ <- NM the point -> .
/ \

| <---------------------- a long way -------------------------> |

Thank you for you contribution.