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> Conor wrote:
> > In article <6fa61301-830a-4334-a526-eed018885134
> >>, Mas...(a) says...
> >> That's why our site is building a world scale biodiesel plant - got
> >> to keep you going when the oil runs out.
> > And I wonder how the materials and equipment to build the plant
> > arrive....
> They will be delivered by byclcle of course...
> --
> Dave - The Tax Paying Motorist

Ship and train mostly.

Simon Mason
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> Really? I have just been out in the car just to prove you wrong yet
> again.
> Just to the right of these parked cars is a cycle lane.

How thoughtful of the council to mark the door zone out in white paint.

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> > "The Medway Handyman" <davidl...(a)> wrote:
> >> Phil W Lee wrote:
> >> Or how about this from The Evening Standard :-
> >> "A City fund manager has been knocked down and killed in a collision with a
> >> cyclist on his way to work.
> >> Nick Bancroft was a year away from retirement when the accident happened
> >> just yards from his £2 million Holland Park home".
> > That was more than *two years* ago
> that death, caused by an anti-social-turd-on-a-bike, obviously doesn't
> matter. It's just collateral damage, possibly regrettable (not certainly so -
> the victim may have been a "motorist", of course) but totally acceptable (to
> SM(a)BP and PWL) because riding on footways makes cyclists feel better.
> > How many thousands of people have been killed by cars since then?
> What's the relevance of that question?

The mote in your own eye, etc. Old as the hills.

"You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you
will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

Simon Mason
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MasonS(a) wrote:

> "The Medway Handyman" <davidl...(a)> wrote:

>> So presumably, in your cyclist deranged mind, anything written in The
>> Indepandant is 100% true, but anything written in the Daily Express must be
>> false?
>> However, the point is that the claim was made by Transport Select Committee
>> and simply reported by the Express.

> I suppose you are one of those dumb mugs who phone in their premium
> rate line polls.

Whereas it's easy to suppose you are one of those dumb mugs who, having lost
in debate by raising an irrelevant point which is then shown to be false,
chooses to try to change the subject by attacking the opponent for some
imagined characteristic which has nothing to do with the issue at hand
(whether true or not).

> "Has Labour lost the plot on immigration?" Phone this number for yes
> at �1 a minute.

> Yesterday's poll results.

> "Is it time to deport all Muslims?" Yes 99% No 1%

> Says it all really.

What does it say about the Transport Select Committee, then?
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On 20 Dec, 12:44, Conor <co...(a)> wrote:
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>>, Mas...(a) says...
> > Good man!
> > At last you accept there is a difference between fuel from crude oil
> > and its carbon emissions and fuel from bio sources and their
> > emissions.
> Not really. The end result is carbon being emitted. You're as bad as
> those stupid fuckwits who bleat on about carbon emissions being the
> death of us all and then say that Carbon Trading and Carbon Offsetting
> is an acceptable thing to have.

You must have missed this - it's worth posting again.

Adrian is an office bound desk worker who sits down nearly all day.
Adrian's office is only 2 miles away so he cycles there in 10 minutes
Conor sees Adrian breathing out CO2 and thinks this is bad.
Adrian gets to his office and sits on his rear end all day.
He only eats around 2000 calories a day of mainly locally sourced
food, so his food miles is very low
Adrian's carbon footprint is thus very low, either from fossils fuels
or food - Conor thinks they are the same, so we'll pretend they are.

Tom is a personal trainer and a very successful one - he is very
He lives in a 5 bedroom house and has an outdoor heated pool, so his
energy demand is very high
He works in a large gym 20 miles from his house
As he likes to show off his wealth, he drives a Hummer which does 9
mpg on his stop/start commute
Conor sees Tom stuck in traffic and think this is very good for the
planet as Tom is not breathing very hard
Tom reaches his gym and then spends 8 hours in the gym doing just
that, but Conor can't see him
As Tom has such a highly demanding day job, he eats 4000 calories a
This is double what Adrian eats and it's a lot of processed stuff
protein shakes -not from local sources like Adrian

Tom thus has a *much larger* carbon footprint than Adrian even though
in Conor's looking glass world, he cycles 4 miles a day.

If you can't understand that, then there is no hope for you.

Simon Mason