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Conor <conor(a)> writes:

>> hypothecate [ha?'p????ke?t]
>> vb
>> 1. (Law) (tr) Law to pledge (personal property or a ship) as security for a debt without transferring possession or title
>> 2. (Economics) to allocate the revenue raised by a tax for a specified purpose See also bottomry
> VEry good. I notice you snipped out the rest of that definition as I got
> mine from the very same page.

It matters diddly how much of the definition of "hypothecate" I snipped,
given that the part I didn't snip (clause 2 above) is (a) the relevant
definition when talking about hypothecation of taxes; (b) not a
definition it shares with the word "hypothesize". The two words are not
the same as each other.

Hope this helps. Don't hesistate to ask if you have any other questions


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JNugent <JN(a)> writes:

>>>>>> If you live only 2.5m from town, that's urban. You'd call Speke (SE
>>>>>> Liverpool) or Wythenshawe (S Manchester) urban, and each is
>>>>>> seven miles or more from town.

and then

> You did notice that everything was predicated on what you had said?
> That's why it started with an if.

Some people aren't very good at conditionals. It can leads to all kinds
of daft accusations

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> Phil W Lee wrote:
>> But don't let the facts confuse you - just get your polluting cage to
>> the junkyard, where it can be safely recycled into something more
>> appropriate, and the danger of it's presence in public areas can be
>> removed.
> Good idea - I'll run my business from a bike or use the bus. I wonder why
> I didn't think of that?

I saw a local painter and decorator using an old trades bike the other day.
Those ones with a small wheel at the front and a big basket. He had paint
tins and brushes and carried an advert with his name and phone number.

I thought it was quite a good idea.

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> mileburner wrote:

>> Regardless of fault, it was still dangerous, otherwise no one would have
>> died.
> <LOL> What planet do you live on? None in this solar system I see.

Do you have non-dangerous sudden impact trauma death on your planet?

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> In article <hf2vfq$3me$1(a)>, mileburner says...
>> > He crashed into them however they created the situation. How were his
>> > actions dangerous?
>> He crashed into them. That is dangerous.
> Your lack of ability to prove otherwise is noted.
> How was his driving dangerous?

Why is it the non-cycling motorists seem to have little or no sense of

Just curious.