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The Medway Handyman wrote:

Despite your weasel words, motorists have to pay VED
> (known to everyone as Road Tax) in order to use the roads. What
> specifically do cyclists have to pay in order to use the roads?

Nothing! Because we do not pollute and damage the roads.

From: Peter Grange on
On 2 Dec 2009 18:57:21 GMT, Adrian <toomany2cvs(a)> wrote:

>Peter Grange <peter(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much
>like they were saying:
>>>Every normal person (which clearly excludes cyclists) knows what road
>>>tax is and that you have to pay it to use the roads. Cyclists don't pay
>> I'm a cyclist and I pay it. Discuss.
>There's nothing to discuss.
>You don't pay VED in your capacity as a cyclist. Simple. End of.
>You pay it in your capacity as the keeper of a motor vehicle.
>The only way in which you can possibly construe otherwise is to assume
>that "cyclist" is somehow pervasive and inherent to your every action,
>which is clearly complete and utter bollocks.

Read what the prat said. "Cyclists don't pay it". I'm a cyclist. I pay
it. Next please.
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On Wed, 02 Dec 2009 18:57:14 GMT, "The Medway Handyman"
<davidlang(a)> wrote:

>Phil W Lee wrote:
>> "The Medway Handyman" <davidlang(a)> considered
>> Tue, 01 Dec 2009 00:35:40 GMT the perfect time to write:
>>> Squashme wrote:
>>>> On 30 Nov, 19:11, SW <allbrankeepsyougo...(a)> wrote:
>>>>> On 30 Nov, 01:02, "The Medway Handyman"
>>>>> <davidl...(a)> wrote:
>>>>>> Peter Grange wrote:
>>>>>>> On Fri, 27 Nov 2009 22:25:03 +0000, %ste...(a) (Steve
>>>>>>> Firth) wrote:
>>>>>>>> Peter Grange <pe...(a)> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> Here's something you could try to test the theory. Stop the
>>>>>>>>>> next pavement cyclist that you see and ask them to ride where
>>>>>>>>>> they belong.
>>>>>>>>> Try telling the next motorist parked on the pavement to get his
>>>>>>>>> hulking great car off the pavement and on the street where it
>>>>>>>>> belongs.
>>>>>>>> When I see a driver driving down the pavement at 25mph I shall
>>>>>>>> tell them off.
>>>>>>> Good luck with stopping him.
>>>>>> Wouldn't need to. Cars have registration plates & can be easily
>>>>>> identified if they break the law. Cyclists don't, because they
>>>>>> don't pay to use the roads.
>>>>> Unless they pay council tax.
>>>> And income tax.
>>>> Of course ukt regulars just "know" somehow that cyclists (sorry,
>>>> "lycra loons") do not pay taxes.
>>> But the sponging freeloaders don't pay a specific road tax do they?
>> Neither do motons.
>> Most of them pay fuel duty (which is proportionate to mileage and size
>> of vehicle, although nowhere near enough to cover the cost of the
>> damage they cause), and most of them pay VED, which is based on
>> emissions.
>> Neither of those are a specific road tax.
>> Do you have any valid points?
>Yes I do. Despite your weasel words, motorists have to pay VED (known to
>everyone as Road Tax) in order to use the roads. What specifically do
>cyclists have to pay in order to use the roads?

Nothing. Does people paying the taxes the government asks, and not
paying what they don't ask upset you in some way?
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mileburner <mileburner(a)> wrote:

> > Where did he put the ladders?
> I didn't see any. Perhaps he just does interiors, and externally,
> bungalows and ground floor flats.

Was he nine feet tall then?
From: Squashme on
On 2 Dec, 16:28, %ste...(a) (Steve Firth) wrote:
> mileburner <milebur...(a)> wrote:
> > > Why is it the cyclists who seem to have a complete inability to
> > > correctly apportion blame?
> > Possibly because cyclists tend to see safety as more important than blame.
> No, cyclists see whining on about safety as important. However they
> don't have a clue about safety. Otherwise they would not ignore red
> lights, place their safety above that of pedestrians, and cycle down the
> blind sides of large vehicles.
> I'll take your pronouncements about safety seriously the day that
> cyclists place safety above their own convenience.

I certainly find being dead rather inconvenient.