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>>>I finally got hold of a schematic (PDF file) for that car stereo which
>>>I'm trying to use its CD-changer input for my MP3 player.
>>>Anyone knowledgable in electronics who can figure out how this can be
>>>I just want to connect the headphone output from my MP3 player into the
>>>car stereo without having to use a cassette adapter as I'm using now.
>>Looks like pins 1 and 3 are your CD in right and left, and pins 2 and 4
>>are ground (use either or both).
>>Easiest way is probably to pick up a headphone extension cable and a male
>>DIN plug to fit the back of the deck; cut the female end off the
>>extension, and solder as appropriate into the DIN plug - red is typically
>>right+, white or black is left+, and the shield is ground.
> I agree with that, but pin 4 or 5 may have to be triggered somehow to tell
> the unit to switch to changer input.
> or 4 and/or 5, and/or 6 might have to have a load on them before it will
> switch.
> Or do you think that just pressing the changer button on unit will activate
> changer input?
> I know a lot of new unit want to see a load before it switches to changer
> input.

Well, pin 6 connects to one of the ouputs of IC861, which is a line-driver and
labeled "CH. CONTROL" (changer control?); I would guess that outputs the control
signal TO the changer.

Pin 4 is tied to the ground along with pin 2 - basically looks like 1/2 are one
input pair, and 3/4 are the other pair.

Pin 5 is +12V to the changer - it probably either uses this to POWER the changer
(unlikely), or merely as a remote-turn-on (more likely).

The only other pin that's used is 7, and it appears to connect to a buss line to
the main controller... MAY be an input trigger to tell the deck that the changer
is present and to allow the input to switch to the DIN jack.

I'd say, if just wiring up the audio lines doesn't allow the input switch, try
grounding pin 7 first, and if that doesn't work, then try giving it 12V power,
but honestly, I don't think it'll be necessary.
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> e-nigma wrote:
>>I agree with that, but pin 4 or 5 may have to be triggered somehow to tell
>>the unit to switch to changer input.
>>or 4 and/or 5, and/or 6 might have to have a load on them before it will
> Perhaps someone here has a Denon CD-changer and can tell us how it
> works in conjunction with a cassette-stereo like my 470R?
> I don't have the unit in front of me, and don't have a user-guide, but
> I seem to remember a "CD " button on the front-panel. As for
> next/previous track/pause/play I suppose the existing radio station
> buttons might act as controls for those functions when the CD changer
> is used.
> Not sure what would be telling the unit to switch to the CD changer
> other than the "CD" button itself. Are you saying it might need some
> external trigger input? If that's so, how would a CD-changer do that?

I think what he's thinking is that the "CD" button might not switch to the
changer input unless it sees there's a changer present. The changer itself
wouldn't actually trigger the deck; the deck has to trigger the changer to
activate when you switch to that input.