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> >>>>>When I see a Prius going 80, it makes me wonder if saving fuel is priority
> >>>>>#1.
> >>>>I only wish I'd see that more often. When I'm behind them.
> >>>they'll try... when you change lanes to pass them.
> >>Truth.
> >On the bright side, even my 4-banger Civic can out-accelerate a
> >PriuSloth.
> You know, when I read this I wondered, is 75mph WOT for a prius???
> "... * Nancy Bernstein, a vice president for a Long Beach community garden and
>        former science teacher, said she was taken on an 8-mile high-speed ride
>        by her 2007 Prius while she was following her husband in a group bicycle
>        tour in Wisconsin. She said her Prius accelerated from 45 mph to 75 mph
>        on a winding, two-lane highway crowded with 100 cyclists. ...."
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When I saw this chase in action on tv this morning, yes, he was in the
left lane, and yes, he had his blinker on:

-- is bogus.