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On Sat, 8 May 2010 20:32:47 -0700, Nathan Perry wrote
(in article <nperry-A15F4D.23324708052010(a)>):

> In article <MPG.264fa6fa632c6fed989917(a)>,
> Steve Sobol <sjsobol(a)> wrote:
>> In article <84m66rFujqU1(a)>, lfsheldon(a)
>> says...
>>> I am for both number and city or location that is likely to be a
>>> destination or one that I will recognize as enroute to my destination
>>> ("control city" often fails either or both).
>> Sometimes they make no sense, even when they don't fail both tests.
>> Victorville has a population of over 100,000, Barstow has a population
>> of just 25,000, yet... guess which town is the control city on
>> northbound I-15 in Riverside and San Bernardino counties?
>> Yeah, yeah, the 15/40 junction is in Barstow. So what?
> Well, I don't know if this is why it's the control city or because it
> is, but I hear Barstow used as a waypoint all the time, and
> Victorville...well, with all due deference, it's never come up.
> What's the history of the two towns as waypoints? I know Barstow was
> talked about in the Route 66 days; how far back does Victorville date?

My guess...and it is only a guess... it is a result of the pre-interstate US
route numbesr that ran between San Bernardino and Barstow.

Concurrent US 66 and US 91 split in Barstow. In the mid 20th Century Barstow
was logical. With the completion of I-15 and the explosion in the size of
Las Vegas, it now longer make sense, Las Vegas is a better choice, IMO.

But as I always say, Caltrans will never change a control c....... wait!
Caltrans just changed the Control City on eastbound CA 210 at I-15... they
green outed the BGSs to change them from "San Bernardino" to "Redlands".
Does make sense, since CA 210 terminates at I-10 in Redlands.


From: DandyDan on
On May 8, 5:16�pm, Larry Sheldon <lfshel...(a)> wrote:
> For numbers are part of a system, I would like for them to follow the
> rules, I'll work it out from a consistent usage. �(US 275 is a N-S
> route, even though the sun is on your keel almost all the way across
> Douglas County. �I 480 should probably be directionless since it a
> branch of an east-west route, or it should be marked east-west over its
> length. �Being marked North-south until you make the turn to the west
> (left exit) to go east to Iowa. �I forget what 680 does--it is
> frightening to consider.....E-W from Neola to I 29, N-S to Mormon Bridge
> road, E-W to Blair High Road, N-S again to I80 (which I suppose should
> be marked N-S at that point).

Technically, I-680 changes from N-S to E-W between the NE 133 (Blair
High Road) and 72nd Street exits. (IIRC, mile marker 8.2 is N-S while
8.4 is E-W.) I'd have to say I-680 should be all E-W, even if the N-S
distance > E-W distance on the route, at least in NE. The thing about
that route, however, is that anyone who drives I-80 would never
consider using I-680 as a bypass of Omaha because it's a longer route.
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