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>>> Our 99 Nissan Maxima had a severe injector o-rings leak on two
>>> injectors on a 6 cylinder engine while idling for two minutes. There
>>> was also a bottle of engine flush put in the oil pan. It flooded the
>>> engine to the point of stalling the engine. It was so severe that it
>>> won't start. While cranking it will crank several revolutions before
>>> it simply hydrolocks. I notice raw fuel spitting from the tailpipe
>>> when it idles. The center exhaust pipe was a quarter filled with
>>> fuel. I took that apart and drain it. The oil pan was drained. Two new
>>> injectors were put in, making sure it doesn't leak. The catalytic
>>> converter was removed and air dried. With the catalytic converter on
>>> or off the car it still won't idle. It will idle for 15 seconds with
>>> no knocks or pings then stalls even if I press on the gas pedal. It
>>> will easily re-start immediately but stalls after 4 seconds. All the
>>> plugs had spark and all the fuel injectors squirt fine. No smoke is
>>> seen coming from the exhaust. What part of the car is affected by a
>>> flooding that won't let it idle?
>> Did you replace the transmission fluid? You clearly should have.
> Why?
He should have checked the trans fluid, brake fluid, radiator fluid,
rear end fluid, and windshield wiper fluid.
Hey, you never know. :-)


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