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(Aug. 3) -- Funerals are being held in northern China today for 17
people killed by a drunken tractor driver who first ran over his boss at
a coal depot, then plowed through a nearby village, bulldozing shops and
homes with residents still inside.

Local officials say Li Xianliang, 38, began his murderous rampage on
Sunday after arguing with his supervisor over money while both were
drinking, The Associated Press reported. Some Chinese media, as well as
the BBC, said the first person killed was not Li's boss but rather a
client at the coal depot who was attacked in a case of mistaken

Then Li allegedly drove his bucket loader down a nearby village road in
Yuanshi County, tearing through buildings and crushing more than 40
cars, the Beijing News network reported. In some cases, he used the
vehicle's mechanical digger arm to flip over the cars and then backed up
and crushed them with its wheels, the AP reported, adding that the
youngest victim was just 5 years old.

Desperate villagers tried to stop the vehicle, jumping up and clinging
to its sides. One person got close enough to stab Li several times with
a kitchen knife.

"He came down [from the vehicle] and said, 'I'm a dead man anyway! I'm
dead anyway,'" villager Wang Xinjiang told the AP while speaking about
his efforts to stop Li.

Police detained the suspect after an hourlong standoff in a nearby field
and will likely press for the death penalty on conviction. Li's motive
was unknown.

Li's rampage in China's northern Hebei province is the latest in a
series of violent attacks on random bystanders in China, most of which
have been blamed on mental illness or personal grudges, and highlight
the country's lack of social services for such people. Schools across
China went on lock-down earlier this spring after a string of brutal
stabbings left dozens of innocent schoolchildren dead.

Sunday's attack took place near where a similar incident occurred
earlier this year. Ten people were killed in February when a crazed bus
driver plowed into pedestrians and cyclists in the Tianjin municipality
after he allegedly stabbed a co-worker, the Shanghai Daily reported.
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