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When I found out I was going to Vietnam, I sold my Isetta to an Army
Officer at Scott AFB.Before that though, there was a woman who worked
for the USO at Scott AFB.She had asked me a couple of times if I would
sell my car to her.By the time I had went to look her up, she had
transfered to some place else.I probally could have sold my car to her
for more money.I still have the big thick owners/owners
operators/maintnance manual book that was in the car when I bought
it.The original owner of the car was a woman in Germany.

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>> On Mon, 08 Mar 2010 09:34:20 -0600, cuhulin wrote:
>>> 1957 BMW Isetta car I bought in 1963
>> YOU had a Steve Urkel car?!?!
> BMW car = Beemer
> BMW motorcycle = Bimmer
> BMW Issetta = Blooper

I have been doing computer work for a while now. One of my customers was a
place that remanufactures cutting tools for milling machines. They usually
had me go to the 'boiler room' where they had their telemarketers
cold-calling for new customers and recalling (oops, bad word...) old
customers for new business.

One day they called me, and I went to the usual place and the guy said, No
we're going to connect a PC to one of the mills. I hooked it up and while
they were testing I went out back for a cig, and passed an Isetta in
pieces. Then I noticed the completely restored one in a corner. There was
an older guy working on them, and it turned out he owned the company, and
had a collection of them, 4 of the usual model and 2 'limousines', because
they had an extended back seat and...and...a DOOR (ONE door) on the
passenger's side of the car.

My daughter was 12 then and we watched the show every Friday, and I was
telling my wife and she asked for a ride. I had to go back the next day,
and I brought her up Saturday. I was going to ask to drive one but didn't.
They sure looked like fun!

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> dsi1 wrote:
>> BMW car = Beemer
>> BMW motorcycle = Bimmer
>> BMW Issetta = Blooper
> No, no, no...
> car = Bimmer
> motorcycle = Beemer (Beamer?)

I just call them Big Mangled Wrecks. ;)

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Sitting inside of the Isetta I used to own, with the engine running and
reving it up and driving, the sound/noise was LOUD! The little 9
horsepower air cooled engine (I think it was 9 horsepower) behind the
seat and practicaly no insulation to speak of.
Driving across the old Eads Bridge at Saint Louis in rainy weather was
SPOOKY! That little car would try to skate around on the wet iron
open/see through grating on that old bridge.I was glad I got rid of that
death trap.