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"XR8 Sprintless" <xr8_sprint(a)> wrote in message
> Sister has an EL falcon running on gas which has twice in the last couple
> of months backfired blowing apart the air cleaner. Any ideas on what could
> be causing it and how to stop it happening. She cannot tell me what gas
> system it is. It happened the other day when she went to start the car.
> It's an aftermarket system.

Many years ago I had an EF series 2 v8 on LPG, I think it backfired 3 times
during the 3 years I owned it.

It was the type that cranked on petrol then switched over to LPG as soon as
it was running, (if left in that mode) all 3 occasions it happened when it
hadn't quite started fully and switched over to LPG too soon. It blew apart
the air box on all 3 occasions.

I put my troubles down to user error, I should of not been so lazy and
switched over to petrol manually once the engine was at running temperature
etc.. If it was done in this way, I wouldn't of experienced a single back
fire at all.