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> I knew he was a bit soft in the noggin, but this is just silly.

Got his phone number by any chance? :)


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> Especially race cars.
> Mates Clubman race car looked good at first but it didn't take long before
> many problems appeared, it would have been better to have bought the car
> minus the engine and gearbox because it would have saved us the trouble of
> removing and scrapping them.
> The car is brilliant now but its taken a lot of time and money to get it
> that way.

99 times out of 100, the cheapest way of doing something initially usually
works out to be the most expensive overall.


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> 47,000 hits to date. Not bad for 5 days I suppose.
Developing a life of it's own
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OUCH, why some people trust like they do is beyond belief. Not everyone is
as honest as you might be yourself. Those days are gone. Here is living



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> I bought some lens adaptors off ebay a while ago, they arrived in good
> time, fit the description and were cheap enough. I gave a neutral feedback
> as they didnt rock my socks of by being any better than what was
> described, they were nothing special or out of the ordinary so I figured
> neutral was the way to go.

I don't get that.

I mean, if the product was as advertised, was delivered promptly and you
were happy with the transaction then leaving a neutral is out of order in my
opinion. The seller lived up to his end of the bargain by the sounds of it,
and while I certainly don't agree with how he went about following up after
you did I know if you left a neutral for me because you expected the product
to be something *other* than what was advertised I know I'd be pissed off.