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"George W Frost" <georgewfrost(a)> wrote in message

> Only there for one year` then I left to start work at the shoe factory in
> South Yarra
> I was there in 1953-4

Oh. About 20 years before me then :)

> Street was the headmaster
> Murray was the English teacher
> Predergast?, I think was the solid Geometry teacher
> Harpsichord Harry was the music teacher

None of those people were around by the time I got there.

> The one I was thinking about was on Church Street
> and the only girls school I can remember was the one beside the swimming
> pool at the back of the Tech,

Yeah, that was Richmond Girls knock shop, er, I mean School :)

The "School" I'm talking about was actually a convent I think, and it was on
top of the Church Street hill near St. Ignatius.

> The girls had busted one of the windows in the school grounds which
> abutted up against the boys changeing room at the pool and they used to
> perve through the hole in the wire- reinforced window

Seems like not much was different in your day to mine then :)


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"jonz" <fj40(a)> wrote in message news:4bdfc582(a)

> absobloodylutely.......they were, as he admits,"fit for purpose" and he
> leaves a neutral???????.....better stay way gone from my items.....

Have no fear. He probably doesn't have much interest in male incontenance
pads, slightly used exercise machines or rusted out FJ40 bodies.


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Noddy wrote:
> "John Tserkezis" <jt(a)> wrote in message
> news:4be0f9a0$0$11181$afc38c87(a)
> > Yeah. I've heard of people bringing in, rebuilding and leaving entire
> > built Harley's in their living room purely for that purpose. Sit back
> > on the couch, put your feet on the coffee table, and look at the bike.
> >
> > Now, *that* I can understand.
> Me either.
> > But to leave antiques that form a rich part of our history, to rot and
> > gather dust is a travesty. Even if I don't care much for it.
> Agreed.
> I think for some people it's a control thing. It's mine, and no one else can
> have it, so n'yer.

I know a bloke like that, he's possibly worse. Aside from hanging onto
stuf he will never restore, in the past if he ever threw some car parts
out, for example he threw out a running 202 because he went to a v8 - he
took the head off and smashed the bores with a chisel. What a fucken

I've never done that. I've always rang around mates to see if they might
need it, and worse case scenario, I"d advertise it free to good home
type of thing.

John McKenzie

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From: Crash Lander on
Noddy wrote:

> I've given that much stuff away on Werribee Freecycle in the last few
> years it's not funny. Most of it has been perfectly fine and we've
> simply had no further use for it after we've updated our gear, and
> rather than it be wrecked or go into land fill I'd sooner offer it to
> anyone who wanted it.

I'm on Geelong freecycle. Got so much good stuff from it, and given
away heaps too! I've given away perfectly good lawn mowers, lounge
suites, beds, even a fridge and a washing machine once too!
I've gotten most of my home gym equipment from freecycle, and even a
You're in Werribee Noddy? I'm picking up my Tarago from there
tomorrow!! It's at Sweethearts!
Crash Lander


From: Noddy on

"Crash Lander" <idont(a)> wrote in message

> You're in Werribee Noddy?

No, I'm in Altona, which isn't far, but Werribee freecycle is the closest
one to me.