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On 5/6/2010 1:12 PM, Noddy wrote:
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>> absobloodylutely.......they were, as he admits,"fit for purpose" and he
>> leaves a neutral???????.....better stay way gone from my items.....
> Have no fear. He probably doesn't have much interest in male incontenance
> pads, slightly used exercise machines or rusted out FJ40 bodies.
no, and neither do i.........tho i do recall *you* being the one often
talking about "pissing yourself"...........hmmmmmm.
> --
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> Noddy.

"Usenet is like a herd of performing elephants with diarrhea - massive,
difficult to redirect, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind
- boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it." - Gene
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> Noddy wrote:
>> These days the whole collection would probably be worth a couple million
>> bucks. I wonder what ever happened to them.....
> I met a guy who met a guy who was something like that. He only had a
> few cars, one of which I remember as a "sunbeam" brand. Can't remember
> the model other than it was on the 'other' side of the 1900's. To me,
> that was along the lines of "who cares", as I don't really have an
> interest in that. But found it somewhat interesting it was, factory
> original in every way, tyres included. Everything was.
> Back then, it was purchased to do nothing other than just hang onto it.
> And that he did.

Speaking of Sunbeam, not too shabby for a pommie based company. Just read
what they had as far back as the 1920's.

More here for those interested.

In a famous race against Bugattis and Fiats, among others, Sunbeams came
1st, 2nd and 4th in the 1923 French Grand Prix and won the Spanish Grand
Prix the following year. Sunbeam was the only British make to win a Grand
Prix in the first half of the 20th century. Many of the features taken for
granted on modern cars were first developed and tested by Sunbeam on the
race track and then introduced to their ordinary touring cars. Among
features pioneered by Sunbeam were overhead valve engines, brakes on all
four wheels, power assisted brakes and twin overhead camshaft engines. Twin
cam engines were standard on the 3 litre Super Sports models from 1924.
Sunbeam also held the world land speed record on several occasions as
commemorated on British stamps issued in 1998. Malcolm Campbell's first
"Bluebird" was a Sunbeam and in 1924 he achieved 146mph on an 18 litre 12
cyl Sunbeam developing 350hp. He had achieved the same speed a year earlier
but the timing equipment had not been approved. In 1925 he was the first to
reach 150mph on a similar car.
In 1926 Maj. Henry Segrave beat this on a new 4 litre 12 cyl Sunbeam when he
reached 152 mph. The final triumph came in 1927 when Major Segrave, driving
a twin engined 1000 hp Sunbeam, again broke the World's Record with a speed
over 200mph for the first time.
In 1925 Sunbeam entered the new 3 litre Super Sports car for the Grand Prix
d'Endurance (24 hours) at Le Mans. Sunbeam was the only British make to
finish and won 2nd place overall and came first in its 3 litre class.



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> Oh, that's right. You're an habitual liar like your mate Oz, aren't you?
> You *can't* stop bullshitting.....
> --
> Regards,
> Noddy.

I don't know why you have to keep saying that. What is your problem? Why do
you say Oz is my mate? Why does Oz bother you so much? Are you jealous of
him because he has such a beautiful wife? Are you jealous because he has an
aeroplane in Indonesia and half a dozen exotic cars in Aus?



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>> Of course, after reading this if you *still* need to wonder why I think
>> the
> guy's a complete tool and have no time for him then you're as much of a
> fuckwit as he is.
> --
> Regards,
> Noddy.

WOW! Thanks for the concise explanation. After all your honesty, I guess
it's my turn to fess up.

1. I have no idea who Oz is.

2. I have never had email correspondence with him, phone or anything at all.
My comments earlier about Oz were in jest and I'm surprised you didn't see

3. He doesn't bother me, (like he does most in here) that he bulls*#ts to
us, that's if indeed he does. Only he really knows that. If your argument
with him doesn't get you the results you are looking for, you lose, so why
bother? At the end of the day, the only person he is really fooling is
himself and if that's the case, why even get involved.

4. For the time I've been lurking here and now posting, (allowing for
whatever went on before I came here), the way this guy is attacked from all
avenues, to me anyway, doesn't seem to justify the crime. Perhaps I feel
sorry for him, because to me anyway, he appears to be the victim, much like
schoolyard bullying except the pr*#k keeps getting up.

5. Having said that, I feel he is not doing his cause any credit, purely
because he doesn't back up his claims. I remember your mate Woger publishing
some pics of his XR6 turbos complete with a sign with the date on if I
remember correctly. Why can't Oz do that and put an end to it?

6. It's obvious you don't like me and you never will. I can accept that and
live with it. But honestly Noddy, despite my plays with you and my being on
the end of many a bruising insult from you, I still like you. Do you want to
know why? Probably not, but I'll tell you anyway as I have the floor.
Because I believe you are as honest as the day is long. The majority of your
posts are (wait for it) the real reason I like this n/g. You have a clever,
knowledgeable wit (albeit foul - but that is you being honest) and I really
do enjoy your contributions here. There, here's a "handshake".

7. There you have it, me being honest. You can take it or leave it, but that
is me being me, I'm a happy go lucky kind of person who enjoys everything in
life, even being insulted by you. ; )



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> Yeh, I had a go at him also, perhaps not as original as you but I still
> had my 2bobs worth!

This is really sad :)

What a shame you two "guys" don't post at the same time, huh?