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>>> My nephew who already owns a Charger told me yesterday that about
>>> 8yrs when he was in the process of restoring the Charger he was
>>> offered a genuine E49 for $5000.00 but he didn't buy it as he
>>> already had his, he's kicking himself now as the bloody thing in
>>> good nick would be worth a hell of a lot more than $5000.00.
>> It surely would.
>> Of all the muscle classics of the era, E-49's are probably the most
>> seldom seen for sale.
>>> Apparently his engine is built to E49 specs but it has a 4 barrel
>>> instead of the triple webbers, I haven't been it but those who have
>>> tells it goes very well.
>>> It was stored in his mothers garage when he went OS for a couple of
>>> years and he's thinking about getting it back on the road soon.
>> I was never a big Valiant fan in my younger days but I always liked
>> the Chargers. Great looking car that handled fairly well (for
>> vehicles of that era) and the Weber equipped Hemi was a sweet
>> sounding engine when it was on song. It wasn't quite as nimble and
>> punchy as the XU1, nor did it have the flat out balls of the GTHO,
>> but it was far and away the most comfortable drive of the lot.
>> I'd have an original E-49 in a heartbeat.
> My old boss had an E49 spec Charger in immaculate condition around 1990
> and the fool straight-swapped it for a purple 253 HZ Premier...
> I never forgave him for that.

As my supervisor used to say,.."cut his balls off with a rusty lid off a
Salmon-tin" :-)

He was ex-Navy (say no more!). One other saying was " I'm going to the
shitter, to give birth to a naval officer"


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Jason James wrote:

> I agree with your sentiments, exzcept the XU1 vs E39/49 etc Chargers. They
> were reported to be putting out 280hp, however that figure like many makers
> back then, was "on test-bed" minus auxillaries (alternator, even water pump
> perhaps,..and not RWHP.

If they all used the same method, then it doesn't matter which method was used :)