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> >> that's what they do in Europe  - right? that's why their have longer
> >> life expectancies?
> >Cuba has a higher life expectancy than the US.  That's plain sad.  It's
> >embarrassing.  America can do better.
> If the differences are caused by matters of private choice, it's not
> American's government's job to make America do better.  If Americans
> die earlier because we eat more and exercise less, so be it; I don't
> need occasional smoker Barack Obama (or his cocaine-snorting alcoholic
> predecessor) telling me how to eat or exercise, or using taxation and
> regulation to try to force me to eat and exercise his way.
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when the US is 30th and barely outranks Cuba - an that's our excuse
for why we pay twice as much for health care and still have millions
who have no coverage?

do you really think we are fatter and less healthy than the rest of
the world and still believe this is the greatest country in the world?