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1987 "Porsche 911 A history of Porsche's best-loved model" 1st Edition Book

I have for sale the 1st edition, hardcover book "Porsche 911 A history of
Porsche's best-loved model" by The Auto Editors Of Comsumer Guide(1987. The
edition contains 64 pages including full-color photographs and
illustrations profiling the history of the Porsche 911.
Front Jacket Excerpt:
"Few marques stir an automobile enthusiast's soul as strongly as Porsche.
Ever since its beginnings in the late Forties, Porsche has treated sports
card drivers to a wide range of automobiles-everything from entry-level,
Volkwagen-based 356s to the super exotic, $200,000 959...Still when most
people hear the name Porsche, they think first of the immortal 911. The
911's basic design is well over 20 years old, but it has a lasting quality
that makes it as fresh today as was in the Sixties. Chapters include:
Introduction, Porsche Before The 911, The 911 GT Cars, Carreras and Turbos,
The Ultimate 911: Type 959, 911 Conversions, and 911 Aftermarket.
Whether you're a Porsche 911 owner or someone who can only appreciate them
from a far, this book is for you."
The 1987 "Porsche 911 A history of Porsche's best-loved model" 1st edition
hardcover book is MINT condition.
Price $20. US plus postage

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