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> What evidence would you be prepared to accept? Would you like me to drive
> down to my local Ford dealer and take a photo of the stillage full of
> hemispheres in their back yard waiting to be returned for warranty claims?

Yes please.

> Some years ago we had a regular around here by the name of Kieron Murphy.
> Sadly he suddenly disappeared without notice which was a shame as I used to
> enjoy the friendly "squabbles" we used to have. He was a Pom who was as
> passionate a Ford fan as you could possibly hope to meet, and I'd even go so
> far as to say he was bordering on being an apologist as he was quite willing
> to accept faults from Ford as being the "norm" for the industry while
> jumping on anyone else for doing the same thing.

No he didn't.

> The reason why I mentioned him was because he rushed out to be one of the
> first to buy a new BA XR6 when they came out,

No he didn't.

>and he recounted his tales
> about having the differential sorted. I can't remember how many times the
> car went back to the dealership to have the diff replaced, but it was a few
> and it was unsuccessful, and in the end he told of how the dealer suggested
> that as he was taking delivery of a new batch of cars the "best he could do"
> was to let Kieron drive as many of them as he liked to pick one that had a
> diff he was happy with, and they'd pull the diff out of that car and fit it
> to his (presumably puuting the crook diff in the brand new car for someone
> else to be stuck with).


Any talk of Ford buying diffs at a cheaper rate from BTR and getting
inferior product is dribble.

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On 9/06/2010 6:13 PM, Henry Ghost wrote:
> On Jun 9, 3:15 pm, "Noddy"<m...(a)> wrote:
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>>> No he didn't.
>> Um, yes, he did.
>> He was almost drooling at the prospect of doing so as he'd wanted a new XR6
>> for a while, but decided to skip the AU series as they were too ugly even
>> for him.
> I can tell you now, he didn't.

And you know this how?

Go back to his post and see when he
> actually purchased it vs when the BA was released.

Long time ago but if it wasn't immediately BA was released it wasn't a
long time after.

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"Kev" <kevcat(a)> wrote in message

> So how does that relate to the alleged problem of ute/wagon diffs? that
> someone else claimed was a problem
> as you are aware they are the same leaf spring setup that's been around
> since the first horse drawn wagon had springs

Maybe you should ask Ford this question? If they weren't buying their
suspension rubbers from China they might not be having these problems......

> I can understand alignment etc for the IRS sedans

Alignment with an IRS is a non issue as the differential centre is fixed to
the chassis and doesn't move with the suspension. Problems start occuring
when you come up with the fucked idea of using a CV joint to connect the
tailshaft to the pinion flange rather than a good old fashioned universal.

Why they thought this was a good idea remains a mystery to this day.

> Maybe I've been extremely lucky as both my BAs have over 100,000klms and
> still running original diffs with mo problems

Maybe you're just deaf Kev :)

My brother in law bought a BA XT demonstrator some years ago and had it back
to the dealer for the dreaded diff noise within a week, and the dealer's
response was to just turn up the radio.

I kid you not :)


From: D Walford on
On 9/06/2010 9:04 PM, Noddy wrote:

> Way to go Ford. You couldn't build a decent car if your lives depended on it
> :)

I wonder if a fix we used on an XW diff would work now.
The diff on my XW van company car became noisy and as it was due to be
traded the boss didn't want to spend any money on it so the diff oil was
drained and it was refilled with molybond grease, the noise completely
disappeared and didn't come back in the next 6mths that I still had it:-)

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On 10/06/2010 11:32 AM, Henry Ghost wrote:

> Daryl, the BA was release Oct 02, he bought it June 03. He also had an
> ongoing driveline vibration problem, not diff lash and the dealer
> allowed him to drive a manual Falc to compare, which he did and the
> driveshaft was removed from that one and put in his.

Sounds about right.
How do you know Keiron and how is he going?
BTW have you posted here before using another name?