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> Suprise suprise.
> If Ford had of upgraded the wagon over the years then perhaps they
> might sell more. Holden have proved there is still a market out there
> for wagon buyers.The VE wagon is a good looking car and you can order
> V6 Or V8, manual or auto.(although no V6 manual is available). Hell I
> buy wagons all the time for work. Would I buy a Falcon Wagon? Not
> bloody likely. Leaf springs on the rear, no rear sway bar. No V8. No
> manual gearbox. The list goes on. The same thing happened with the
> Fairlane. They chose not to keep the car looking new.
> Again Holden did keep the styling up to date with the Statesman. The
> sales figures say it all.
> Ford's biggest problem is their attitude. Instead of building cars to
> customers needs, all they do is say "this is the car take it or leave
> it".
> And don't get me started on their warranty issues.
> The parts they now build cars with are rubbish.
> Look at the past problems that Falcons have had in the last 10 years.
> The BA or "Badly Assembled" as I call it.
> Brake rotors.Brake hoses, Radiators that rot and fill autos with
> water. Rear windows that break for no reason.Paint issues. Steering
> racks that won't last 100,000 klms. Interior plastics that are
> rubbish. Rear suspension bushes on sedans that won't last 80,000klms.
> Electrical issues. Even spark plugs snapping of in the head because
> Ford didn't put never seize on the threads.
> The Falcon of today is a long way from the older models.
> Reliable? No.
> Value for money? No.
> Economical? No.

Well said Bob. I couldn't agree more.


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> The only one they had on the showroom floor on Wednesday was "Bronze", but
> it's actually more of a gunmetal grey in the flesh. Of all of them I think
> the white one looks best myself.

Yeah the white ones do look good but the mrs though with having kids and
anything that is white and they get a black marker in their hands it becomes
some sort of art project from walls, fridge, and maybe the car. :-).

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> On 26/03/2010 10:41 AM, Clocky wrote:

> Its a sad day for Aussie car buyers when our locally made cars have sunk
> to be less well made than any Korean car.

Well I haven't had any issues with my current HSV and I love it but sadly
the locals are slipping behind when there are better value for money cars
out there. Although in the future the only next Holden product I would buy
would have to be the Efijy which is highly unlikey to be ever massed
produced. Although I love the new Comaro just I hate the interior.

Funny thing is that I have had mates ask me if they can loan the HSV for a
wedding car actually I could make some money out of this.. :-)


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"Clocky" <notgonn(a)> wrote in message
> Premier wrote:

>> The Falcon is looking like its on a similar path to the 380, which is
>> a real shame considering how good a car it is by any objective
>> measure.
> The current Falcon is apalling and deserves to be put to rest.

Only a few more years clocky. :-)


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On Fri, 26 Mar 2010 14:50:09 +1100, "Dre" <andreas.bailly(a)>

>I drive a 2002 VU SS ute and I absolutely love it. Do you mind (if you
>remember that is) listing some of the problems your son has had with his?
>I'm purely curious thats all as mine has been totally flawless.
>Cheers Dre
They had to build one good one.....

OzOne of the three twins

I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace.
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