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"Deevo" <deevo37(a)> wrote in message

> I had the chance to take a new diesel Sorento for a decent test drive
> today (A client's car in for it's 1000k service) and was suitably
> impressed. The only thing I could fault on it compared to my Kluger was
> the slightly lower head clearance in the door frame when getting in to it
> though I made no attempt to adjust the seat height so that may have sorted
> that issue out. I was surprised how well the diesel went compared to my
> V6, especially off the mark.

The Sorento shares the same engine as the Santa Fe, and by all accounts it's
an excellent engine that goes very well indeed. I've tried to drive a Santa
Fe twice now but the bloody dealers are selling the things that quick they
don't have any demo's available whenever I get down there :(

The Santa Fe is high on our list to replace the Territory, but we're also
going to look at the Sorento, as it has a few little features that stand out
from the Santa Fe.


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"Noddy" <me(a)> wrote in message

> I've no doubt they will, but it'll be *after* they've closed the gates on
> the production plant for the last time when they're sitting around
> scratching their heads wondering what went wrong,.

I call it the prime minister effect. :-)


From: D Walford on
On 27/03/2010 1:26 PM, Andy wrote:
> Clocky wrote:
>> D Walford wrote:
>>> On 26/03/2010 11:50 AM, Clocky wrote:
>>>> D Walford wrote:
>>>>> On 26/03/2010 10:41 AM, Clocky wrote:
>>>>>> C'mon Daryl, I know you're biased but the ongoing build quality
>>>>>> issues are pretty well documented.
>>>>> Where are they "well documented"?
>>>> All over the place.
>>> Please post a link or tell me where I can find it.
>>> There is plenty of evidence about the brake hoses but not much else.
>> Go read the Ford forums, or complaints websites.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This.
> I remember when the BA was new, the (now ex) missus was looking at
> buying one. They'd been sold for maybe 12 months at that stage.
> On the basis of the Ford Forums she thankfully decided to go
> elsewhere*.
> Dozens of pages filled with complaints from folks with faulty diffs and
> gearboxes, colour mismatched and peeling paint, rusting engines, and
> brake rotors that needed machining every 10,000km as a 'service' item.
> This was too early on for the lovely 'radiator disintegrates and fills
> the transmission with coolant' issue to have become apparent.

Since the failures are only on autos it must be Gods way of punishing
fags who buy autos:-)

From: D Walford on
On 27/03/2010 5:32 PM, Noddy wrote:

> I can remember when the BA came out I owned a pretty nice EFII Fairmont, and
> I went down to my local dealer interested in trading it in on a new BA full
> Monty. After a 15 minute test drive I was *so* disappointed with the BA that
> I got back in the EF, told myself that it was a *much* better car and went
> home.

Mate has owned a series 2 BA for a couple of years, he had a problem
with the central locking and a rattle in the exhaust but no other
problems and he is very hard on cars?

From: Premier on
>> No car has really made any inroads into the Falcon/Holden domination -
>> with the possible exception of the Magna in the mid 80's up to the early
>> 90's (it sold about 40,000 one year by memory - and I bet many of these
>> would have come from Falcon/Commodore sales) - but of course we know what
>> happened later.
> You've obviously not heard of a car called the "Corolla". You might have
> seen a few about. It's currently the number two selling car in the
> country, and it has outsold the Falcon consistently for a number of years
> now.

Yes heard of the Corolla. Also heard of the Hilux, and the Mazda 3. My point
was to do with cars that have pitched themselves directly against

Magna did in the 80's with ads stating along the lines of that you really
dont need a six and this was a large car. So they did pitch directly into
the market of Falcon/Commodore buyers.

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