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Redwood has brought this to us :
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>>>Bought a car that had been standing for months with a completely flat
>>>battery. A booster got it started and drove 50 miles back home but was
>>>still completely flat when I tried restart. Noticed the alternator didn't
>>>even try to charge the batt if it's too flat. My 3 phase charger also
>>>didn't want to know.
>> Try starting the charge with a set of jump leads or boost pack connected,
>> works on most of the 'smart' chargers I've seen.
> Yeah will remember that for next time. I don't think my smart charger will
> recognise a battery if less than about 6v, Or if I use the old basic 4amp
> charger on a completely flat batt I'll make sure I keep switching it on & off
> before the amp meter goes off the scale until it gets enough juice for the
> smart to recognise it.

A nice feature which the makers could include in their smart charger
design, would be an override button for those occasions when you know
you have the polarity correct and know the battery is simply
discharged. I built a smart charger of my own design some years ago and
the 'dumb button' was a modification I soon found the need to make to

Harry (M1BYT) (L)