From: Dave Baker on
June 2001 Focus 2.0 ESP.

I've been running an ST170 exhaust manifold which a friend fitted for me a
few years ago but I'm putting it back to standard at the moment. The
dipstick tube had to be moved to to the centre of the cylinder head to fit
the ST manifold but as I didn't do the job I don't know where it started
out. I managed to get it to fit of a fashion on the driver's side of the
head after a lot of faffing about and bending the hell out of it but it
doesn't quite seat fully and anyway I've just found the bloody dipstick
won't go down it anymore. Rats!

I know it had to be bent quite drastically to fit the new position for the
ST manifold and I guess bending it a second time has kinked it a bit
internally now so there must be a tight spot.

Anyway can anyone tell me where it ought to locate as standard (maybe with a
pic) and I'll try and get my mate to find me another one from the scrappies
if I can't fix it.
Dave Baker