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Four-year-old runs down mum in Carinthia

A 22-year-old woman got away with bruises after she was hit
by a car - steered by her four-year-old daughter.

Kerstin A. got out of her car after she returned from
shopping in Stra´┐Żburg, Carinthia, to get her daughter
Viktoria from the baby seat in the passenger seat on Friday.

But the girl grabbed the key still in the ignition and
turned it causing the car to lurch forward and squash the
woman against her father's lorry parked in the driveway.

The man called an ambulance who drove her to a local clinic
where doctors told her she was lucky not to have any broken
bones from the incident.

"I was told in hospital that I will have to walk using
crutches for around two weeks. I don't blame my daughter for
what has happened, of course. She was crying all night since
she was shocked by the incident herself," Kerstin A. said
yesterday (Mon).

Carinthia is a state in Austria, on the border with Slovenia.
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