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>>> Options
>>> Parking Assist, front and rear, Ultrasonic. Included with Rear Camera and
>>> Park Assist Package Door trim, premium with layered graphics
>>> Wheels, 17-inch, five- (5) spoke forged polished aluminum
>> Does it come with a kickstand, CE?
> I was hoping for $41,000 it would fly.
> The lease is more affordable - $350 a month. Seems like GM is over valuing
> the residual in order to come up with an affordable lease. I can't imagine
> they will sell many at $41,000 especially after the tax credit is off (I
> think it goes away after the first 60,000 credits are granted). For that
> kind of money I'd much rather have the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (only $37K and
> eligible for the same tax credit).
> Ed

Think, if I bought a F150 with a good A/C and winter heat for $31,000,
the $10,000 savings I get 80,000 miles of fuel and no wild electric
bill. Better resale too. Highway range is 450 to 550 miles depending
on the tank size.


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