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> I'm very impressed with the new NSW registration cameras. Auto-detect
> the front numberplate of every vehicle in a traffic stream, do a rego
> check including intelligence on possible occupants with outstanding
> warrants, drug couriers, etc, and notify a bunch of cops further down
> the road on which ones to stop.

I'm wondering on the laws about that.

I've noticed a sign at t'local car park that your rego plate will
be scanned.

I'm a little worried about your "big brother" take on it

> Combine cops operating those cameras, RBT, the NSW government's massive
> reduction in the number of HWP and reliance upon fixed speed cameras
> and it's rare to see HWP virtually anywhere else.

They eat donuts. You being sarcastic? :-)

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> >>> Expect to be the target of any prowling polce car, expect also that
> >>> the coppers will not know the fine detaisl of a permit to move and
> >>> they may considerably delay you whilst they find out.
> >>
> >> <...>
> >>
> >> The big day came - all I needed was CTP and a registration application
> >> (downloadable) filled out and dated. Don't need a 'permit to move' for
> >> a direct trip to get roadworthy/rego - only need a 'permit to move' if
> >> moving to somewhere else, for instance to get mechanical repairs or
> >> from point of purchase back to your house.
> >>
> >> Was targeted by 2 prowling police cars on a 10min trip (bundamba to
> >> darra on ipswich motorway QLD)
> >> one unmarked black mtisi 380 and a labelled sv8. Both looked relieved
> >> when I waved the paperwork at them, both wanted to see the address of
> >> the inspection centre I was headed for and the CTP certificate.
> >
> > All I can say, is the vehicle you were registering MUST have looked
> > "dodgy" to get that (Police) attention.
> Absolute factory - down to the hub caps '93 323 astina. It was just the
> missing plates. Ironically, had I left the old plates on (not legal) I'd
> have not been pulled over.
That's what you get for being attractive. Disgusting habit though.

I don't take sides.
It's more fun to insult everyone.