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Ivor Jones wrote:
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>> Ivor Jones wrote:
>> > I'm not a native of Europe, there is no such country. I
>> > can only be a native of a country, not a continent.
>> There's your problem. You simply don't understand simple
>> English. You can be a native of much more than just a
>> country.
>> See e.g.
> So you expect me to take notice of a website that anybody can
> modify..?

Tell you what, go and modify it to add your own peculiar twist.

Or, to stay on topic, just put the stuff about not being able to be a native
of Europe in....

From: Adrian on
Ivor Jones (ivor(a)despammed.invalid) gurgled happily, sounding much like
they were saying :

>> Others decided you are a human male.

> Oh yes, who..?

Mother Nature, or - if you're of that persuasion - God.

> I was unaware it was possible to choose the gender of a child in the
> 50's.

Ah, so you WERE old enough to vote in the '75 EU membership referendum...?
And there was you, claiming that you didn't get asked for your opinion...
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On Sat, 19 Aug 2006 23:41:04 +0100, JNugent <not.telling(a)> wrote:

>Paul {Hamilton Rooney} wrote:
>> On 18 Aug 2006 14:40:27 GMT, Adrian <toomany2cvs(a)> wrote:
>>>Paul {Hamilton Rooney} (craig(a) gurgled happily, sounding much
>>>like they were saying :
>>>>>>Wales is in Europe, innit. With a name like Ivor you must be Welsh
>>>>>>or Russian.
>>>>>Are many Russians called "Jones"?
>>>>It's a common westernised form of Joneski.
>>>Bear in mind the Russian patronym, too.
>>>D'you think he's actually Ivor Daivich Joneski...
>> Niet. He's a trollski.
>You get a lot of those on the interniet.



Paul Rooney

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other groups which he regularly crossposts to. He's created a false FAQ
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In uk.rec.cycling Richard Brookman <richard.brookmanpants(a)> wrote:
> Chris Malcolm wrote:

> || In uk.rec.cycling Paul {Hamilton Rooney} <craig(a)> wrote:
> ||
> ||||| It has become accepted usage. That is how languages evolve.
> ||||
> |||| So?
> ||
> ||| Usage is king. There's no other criterion of right and wrong where
> ||| language is concerned. How could there be?
> ||
> || It couldn't be. Were usage the only criterion, there would be no
> || change.

> You're wrong, Paul's right. All languages (except dead ones like Latin and
> Ancient Greek) change all the time, and it's the usage that's changing. How
> could it be any other way? We don't wait for the OED to "officially" change
> the meaning of a word and then all fall into line and start using it. It's
> the other way round.

If usage is what makes a usage right, and usage changes, then there
must have been a period where some users were using a wrong usage
which hadn't yet been sanctioned by enough usage to become a right
usage. Those users must therefore have been using some other criterion
of appropriate usage than rightness as defined by enough
usage. Whatever that criterion was that pushed them into what was to
begin with a wrong usage must therefore have influenced what later
became correct usage. Therefore what is currently correct usage as
defined by enough usage must in turn have originally derived from
other criterion.

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From: David Taylor on
On 2006-08-20, Ivor Jones <ivor(a)despammed.invalid> wrote:
> "Alex Heney" <me8(a)> wrote in message
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>> No, but the words you use are defined either by a
>> dictionary, or by common usage where that has not yet
>> been incorporated.
>> On either count, you are using the word incorrectly.
> Which particular word..? I don't care except for one specific word,
> European. That word does not and never will apply to me.

Perhaps what you beleieve "European" to mean doesn't apply to you.

Unfortunately, common usage of the word doesn't really give you the option
of deciding whether it applies to you or not. It merely does or does not.
And to you, it does apply.

David Taylor