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> Ivor Jones (ivor(a)despammed.invalid) gurgled happily,
> sounding much like they were saying :
> > > Others decided you are a human male.
> > Oh yes, who..?
> Mother Nature, or - if you're of that persuasion - God.
> > I was unaware it was possible to choose the gender of a
> > child in the 50's.
> Ah, so you WERE old enough to vote in the '75 EU
> membership referendum...? And there was you, claiming
> that you didn't get asked for your opinion...

And since when has any government taken the slightest notice of the
electorate when it didn't suit them..?


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Ivor Jones wrote:
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>> On 2006-08-20, Ivor Jones <ivor(a)despammed.invalid> wrote:
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>>>> No, but the words you use are defined either by a
>>>> dictionary, or by common usage where that has not yet
>>>> been incorporated.
>>>> On either count, you are using the word incorrectly.
>>> Which particular word..? I don't care except for one
>>> specific word, European. That word does not and never
>>> will apply to me.
>> Perhaps what you beleieve "European" to mean doesn't
>> apply to you.
> No meaning of the word applies to me. You continually saying it does
> will not make it so. Only I can make it so and I don't.

Surely you mean you constant;y denying a basic fact of life won't alter it?
You can't make anything in this context, you are what you are and that's

>> Unfortunately, common usage of the word doesn't really
>> give you the option of deciding whether it applies to you
>> or not
> Wrong.

In which case you don't understand English.

>> It merely does or does not. And to you, it does
>> apply.
> Wrong

You don't really understand what this is about do you?

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"Brimstone" <brimstone(a)> wrote in message


> You don't really understand what this is about do you?

Yes, it is about you insulting me and me defending myself.

Stop and I will. Carry on and so will I.


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On Sun, 20 Aug 2006 16:41:33 +0100, "Ivor Jones" <ivor(a)despammed.invalid>

>To you maybe, not to me and it is *my* definition that applies to me, not

Alas, no. Your opinion doesn't come into it.


Paul Rooney

"Rooney is one of these vandals and has done his utmost to help trash dl and the
other groups which he regularly crossposts to. He's created a false FAQ
and charter" (Chris Lawrence in uk.rec.walking)

"Also long time d.l. reader but never feel robust enough to post much,
especially since Rooney wrecked the group." (Rachel Sullivan in uk.rec.walking)

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individual ever to cross the threshold of d.l." (JK in demon.local)
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Ivor Jones wrote:
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> [snip]
>> It's not my argument it's yours, and you're doing a
>> singularly poor job of making it. Maybe if you told us
>> the specific mental impairment from which you suffer then
>> others would find it easier to see things from your point
>> of view.
> I don't care whether you see things from my point of view or not. I am
> merely stating the fact that I am not a European. That and only that
> is what you and others can't (or won't) grasp.

You've told us that you were born of a Welsh father, assuming that your
mother is also British, for us to accept that you are not European would be
to believe that black is white.