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Adrian <toomany2cvs(a)> wrote:
> Brimstone (brimstone(a) gurgled happily, sounding much like they
> were saying :
> > You have expressed a dislike of strong language. Have I used any to you?
> You used the E-word to him...
Is the European Union some sort of deviant sexual practice?
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Ivor Jones (ivor(a)despammed.invalid) gurgled happily, sounding much like
they were saying :

> Why does someone from Pakistan consider being called a "Paki" an
> insult..? I don't know, but they do and I would never dream of
> insulting someone from that country in such a way.

OK, so we won't call you a Brit or a Euro.
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"The Wanderer" <me(a)> wrote in message
> On Sun, 20 Aug 2006 16:38:01 GMT, mattic wrote:
>> I made two posts, I fail to see how that is "over and over and over
>> again",
>> you have asked nothing of me.
>> You seem, now, to be denying that England is in Europe. You may not do so
>> and retain credibility. You may consider it utterly un-European for all
>> sorts of reasons except one: that of simple geography. Simple geography
>> implies nothing more than a convenient way of identifying where you live
>> on
>> a scale larger than country and smaller than hemisphere.
> He who argues with a fool risks confusing the onlookers as to who is the
> fool.....

Only if the onlookers are fuckwits! ;-)

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Rob Morley (nospam(a) gurgled happily, sounding much like
they were saying :

>> Ah, but is there a COUNTRY called Caucasia? If not, then by Ivor's
>> logic, there's no such thing as a Caucasian.

> Since the term was first used as a racial classification in the 19th
> century it has taken on different meanings - in the USA it means
> white, in Europe it means "of or pertaining to the Caucasus" (when not
> used in the USA sense) and to anthropologists it relates to certain
> skull metrics and has nothing to do with skin colour.

<Ivor mode>
But all of them are wrong, since there's no country called Caucasia. So
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Ivor Jones wrote:

|| "Richard Brookman"
|| <THErichard.brookmanOBVIOUS(a)> wrote in
|| message news:4krhg2Fdc7inU1(a)
||| Brimstone wrote:
||||| Your ethnic origin is at the crux of this
||||| conversation and is something that everyone can see
||||| when meeting you face to face.
||| Please don't give him another category to start denying
||| things. European is not a race nor an ethnic group, it
||| describes a geographical area. His ethnic origin
||| (assuming he is white Essex boy with Welsh ancestry,
||| although I stand to be corrected on that) is Caucasian.
||| He's still a European, geographically speaking.
|| Wrong.
|| Ivor

What have I said in the above post that is factually incorrect?

Just repeating "wrong" without saying why is a bit unhelpful.


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