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> Why should anyone not call you what you are? Do you
> object to being called a man?

Nobody is calling me what I am, that is the whole point.


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> Ivor Jones (ivor(a)despammed.invalid) gurgled happily,
> sounding much like they were saying :
> > All I am asking is that you stop calling me a European,
> > ok..? You can think and genuinely believe I am one all
> > you like, just stop calling me it.
> >
> > Please.
> Think of this thread as aversion therapy. Before long
> you'll come to accept the truth, and it just won't be an
> insult any more.

It will always be an insult.

I do accept the truth, you don't.


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>> I also also consider myself English, but I'm still
>> British and European.
> So you're three things at once? How clever of you.

You consider it clever that someone is English, British and European all at
Your naive incredulity at this very normal thing is a treat to watch.

> Personally I have no axe to grind either way, but as a
> gentleman I would do as Ivor asks.

You will accept someone telling you something that clearly isn't true?

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>> It's got nothing to do with likes and dislikes, it's a
>> simple matter of what is or is not.
> And who decides what is or is not..? You..? I don't think so.
> *I* decide as far as I'm concerned.

In this case, Ivor, the laws of physics decide.
You live in Europe, this may be scientifically proven.

There is no room for opinion, here, we may save that for conjecture and
analyse your strange anti-European psychoses later. I'm beginning to have
sympathy for someone so bigoted as to compromise his integrity in such a
shameful and embarrassing manner. I really think you need help. If your
prejudices run to the more sinister, I shudder to think of what you may be

I suspect you are a racist. An old-school racist, with a healthy dose of
good, old-fashioned wife-beating thrown in for good measure. Earlier I
wondered why you eschewed so violently, the Welsh heritage of your father. I
now suspect, given your obvious irrationality, social ineptitude and poor
grasp of reality, that you have a deep loathing of your father stemming from
him either beating your mother or interfering with you when you were a
child. You have all the classic symptoms. Get help.

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>> >
>> > Just for the record, like Ivor, I am not European either. Personally, I
>> > consider myself to be English.
>> Then you are also European.
> No, I'm English.

Which, logically, makes it true to call you a European, if only as a
geographical descriptor wider than your country, but narrower than your

>> Tell me, will you take the discount for European customers? Or will you
>> pay
>> full price?
> I'll take the European discount because being English, I'm not stupid.
> :-)

Every man has his price.....;-)