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> > Because it's true..?
> >
> You think? Look through my posts and you'll see a lack of
> spelling and punctuation mistakes for a start. That's
> because I went to school and passed O level English
> Language.

Gosh. I'm suitably awed. Doesn't stop me disliking your unnecesary use of
*foul* language.


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Ivor Jones wrote:
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>>Wales is in Europe, innit. With a name like Ivor you must
>>be Welsh or Russian.
> My name is Welsh,

No it isn't.
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Conor wrote:
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> > Now your advocating he break the speed limit.
> >
> Speed doesn't kill.

Show me where I said it did.

> > Who created the situation?
> The MLOC fuckwit OP.


I'm off on my hols now. I shall almost certainly be using Motorway at
some stage. I just hope I don't meet any of you lot.


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Ivor Jones wrote:
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>> davek wrote:
>>> Tony Raven wrote:
>>>> Untrue. With your speedometer indicating 70mph you
>>>> could be going anywhere between 63mph and 70mph. So
>>>> it is quite feasible for someone else to pass you
>>>> legally going 7mph faster when you are indicating
>>>> 70mph.
>>> Note the actual words of my previous post:
>>> "If you're doing 70mph on the motorway..."
>>> Not:
>>> "If your speedo is reading 70mph when you're on the
>>> motorway..."
>> Other than looking at your speedo, how do you know you're
>> doing 70mph?
> I can look at my GPS, which is more accurate than my speedo.

Thank you. (It was a serious question.) But how can you be sure it's /that/

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Ivor Jones (ivor(a)despammed.invalid) gurgled happily, sounding much like
they were saying :

> I'm a UK resident not a European resident. There is no such country as
> Europe.

Who said there was? There IS a continent called Europe, and you reside in a
country that's part of it. Therefore, you're European. Just as (at random)
Ethiopians are also Africans.