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> On 6/26/10 9:30 AM, Jim A wrote:

> > That means the people who will feel the pain from this (apart obviously
> > from those who live on the coast of Louisiana and thereabouts) are
> > anyone who has their pension fund invested in BP - and they won't
> > actually feel the pain until they retire. So all in all the punishment
> > doesn't fit the crime and isn't imposed on the perpetrator.

> That's not punishment. Investment is risky, as everyone knows. The
> pension investors are experiencing the negative consequences of their
> risky action instead of the positive as they have for so many years.
> However, if BP can be shown to have been negligent or criminal, the
> shareholders would, I think, be able to file suit to get back at least
> some of their loss.

> K

Am I too strict in calling them "hyenas," who work with the
"lion" (corporation)?

Or these shareholders who only care about their own share (the lion's
share), who have invested in a dirty industry, should be spared from
the Law of the Jungle?