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On the web, Spyker Cars renews bid to buy SAAB from GM

I read an article about that yesterday in the local newspaper online.

Dutch Auto maker Spyker.

I didn't know untill yesterday that Spyker is still in business.

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Thomas Tornblom <thomas(a)Hax.SE> wrote in news:x0k4wfdvmi.fsf(a)Hax.SE:

> Tegger <invalid(a)invalid.inv> writes:

>> The first ones did. But US emission regulations eventually made Saab
>> replace the 3-cylinder with a British-made Ford V4.
> It was actually a german V4, the same engine that was used in the Ford
> Taunus. The british Ford V4 was different. I doubt that it was US
> emissions that made SAAB switch, more like customer demand. The V4
> came around 1967.

That's what I read in an article in one of the big car magazines. Might
have been Hemming's Motor News. They probably did say "German" in the
article and I'm just not remembering that.

Apparently the 2-stroke made too much HC emissions. HC was the first target
of the emissions controllers, and the first controls were introduced in the
US around 1967-1968. Automakers had several years to prepare for the new
regulations, which makes a '67-'68 launch of the V4 perfectly-timed.


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I think it was a SAAB 93 or perhaps a SAAB 96, 3 cylinders.The car had
something similar to a roll up/roll down window shade between the rear
of the grill and the front of the engine.I think that was for helping
the engine warm up in very cold weather.I am not saying the car was
oddball, but I have always liked oddball vehicles.

Somebody mentioned Audi, my January 2010 snail mail Popular Science
magazine has an article about Audi electric cars that Audi will be
building and selling in the marketplace.

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"E. Meyer" <e.p.meyer(a)> writes:

> On 12/22/09 6:46 AM, in article x0k4wfdvmi.fsf(a)Hax.SE, "Thomas Tornblom"
> <thomas(a)Hax.SE> wrote:
>> Tegger <invalid(a)invalid.inv> writes:
>> After having borrowed my boss 1985 audi 100cc one lunch I realized
>> what I was missing and have been driving audis since then ;-)
> The 85 Audi 100 had considerably more engine than 100cc. It used a 2.1
> liter straight 5, 136 bhp.

Hehe, yes, it was a 2.3l straight 5. The model was 100CC, which I
believe was called 5000 in the US.

The engine was basically the same as the 2.2l turbo used in the
quattros. It had a slightly smaller bore and lower compression.

I've had several turbo quattros since then, and a 2.5l five cylinder
diesel, ad 180bhp 2.5l V6 diesel, which one of my sons totalled, and I
now have an old 2.8l 30V (5 valves per cylinder) V6 a6 quattro.

I really, really miss that V6 diesel. Too bad the Swedish road tax is
3x for diesels, and I don't drive much now.

>>> --
>>> Tegger
>> Thomas

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I am a junk collector, but it isn't all junk.Every time I go shopping, I
almost always stop off at the Goodwill store near me. Those women over there at the Goodwill
store, when they look on the bottom of whatever and they see a label
that says, Made in Holland, they think Holland is a Country.I tried to
tell them Holland is part of the Netherlands.They say, Oh no, Holland is
a Country! Actually, there are two Hollands in the Netherlands, North
Holland and South Holland.And there is also Holland,Michigan.

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