From: Anna Lisa on
If you want one of the best, if not the best, Formula
One Racing 2010 calendars available I suggest you

The action photos in this calendar are superb. There
are two great photos from the calendar shown on their
web sit.

The calendar comes in a huge 17.7� x 21.5� format and
is from Germany, with true German picture quality. The
inscriptions are in both English and German.

They also have an excellent racing sounds cassette.
Yes, I know cassette but maybe burn it to disk.
It is very good.

They offer Giorgio Piola's excellent book "Formula
1 2008 - 2009 Technical Analysis". His drawings
and text make understanding the fantastic technology
in today's F-1 machines easy.

The �Science of Formula 1 Design� book is another
Masterpiece of writing that makes reading about
how F-1 cars can go from 0 � 100 mph � 0
in less than six seconds and gives them their 4 g
cornering capabilities, etc a pleasant and
mind expanding way to spend a cold winter

Also, if you would like to purchase a copy of the
Autocourse 2009 - 2010 Yearbook - which is the
best review of the 2009 season available I suggest
you order it from them.

They have the book for $54.95 and their price
includes shipping and handling.

Their "World's Greatest Race Tracks" poster is
excellent if you want to learn about the World's
great racing circuit and it is very attractive.

They have other racing books, DVDs and Racing
Christmas cards as well.

All this will help get racing fans through the off

They also offer a MotoGP & Superbike calendar,
books, DVDs and other Motorcycle racing items.