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>>> Any good?
>> Good for scrap metal and that's about all.
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> Does ANY one really like these things ?
> Even the eccentrics that endure them (must be a bunch of masochists )
> are loath to admit they actually operate the dreadful things
> One wag years ago said looks like an Atlantean bus that got trod on by
> godzrillar

Because of their rarity these days they are probably worth something.
A couple of yrs ago on the way to a car show at Hanging Rock I meet a
bloke who owned a mint condition Hillman Imp GT, he had a couple of
other IMP's for spare parts, I remember him saying he liked it because
of its rarity and the challenge to keep it running.

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> I had three of them in the early seventies and I (Read the "I" in
> italics.)liked them.
> A lovely little 875 c.c. all alloy O.H.C. engine which had been designed by
> Hillman although the head was done by Coventry Climax.
> One reason for buying them was because they were cheap!
> Thay handled o.k. and were as quick as a Mini in corners, or at least I
> could keep with them but the 875 engine up against a Cooper S was not too
> good.
> Much easier to work on than the Mini, 16 bolts and the whole
> engine/transmission could be wheeled away on a trolley, a half an hours
> work.
> The Imp sport had twin carbs and more radicle cam profiles and went well.
> The later "MarkIII" had a stronger cylinder block casting and if you were
> really radicle, you could gut the block and drop in a set of wet liners and
> have 1300c.c.s.
> As for running one on LPG, forget it as they were light and fuel efficient
> as it was and the lpg conversion would be much more that the car was worth.
> They are quite light and lightly built and I am a bit suprised any have
> survived.
> They never struck me as a car to last a lifetime, more a consumer item like
> most modern European and cheap Koreans.
> > Even the eccentrics that  endure them (must be a bunch of masochists )
> > are loath to admit  they actually operate the dreadful things
> Have you ever driven one? remembering that unless it was brand new you were
> probably driving some worn out old banger and not excatly representative of
> the marque.
> > One wag years ago said looks like an Atlantean bus that got trod on by
> > godzrillar
> I never thought of that, a good observation though.
> > They are great little rally cars on wet roads being rear engined. Well,
> > for its age etc etc.
> > Nothing like todays cars whatsoever.
> Yes they were very good at that in their day. If you REALLY want to make one
> go, get a copy of "Tuning Hillan Imps" by T.C. Millington, it's all in
> there.

Excellent post -thanks yes I did have one given to me as I said
and yes it was very worn out
but the lass who had it first was mechanically aware and a damn good
driver (as well as Pilot /programmer / Horse rider /diver)
And we agreed that it was one of those friday afternoon cars .It was
never happy from the day she picked it up at the show room.

I only inherited it because it was out of rego and had gone for a
swim ( was stolen)
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>> Any good?
>> Discuss
>> Cheers,
>> G/C
> I forgot, because of the LPG rebate, would it be worth while
> converting it?
> The tank would have to go under the front boot, as the engine is in
> the rear boot!
> Injection or std. LPG system?
> Discuss
> Cheers,
> G/C

Don't be silly.
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