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> Hamilton rolls out area's first 'speed van'
> By Janice Morse � March 31, 2010
> HAMILTON - It's a new twist on an old adage: You can't outrun a police
> radio�or a police speed-enforcement camera.
> Thursday, Hamilton, the Butler County seat, becomes the first
> community in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to begin using
> such a camera, officials said.
> The department is rolling out its new, unmanned speed-enforcement van,
> which an Arizona company, Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., supplied at no
> cost. In exchange for the equipment and for administering the program,
> Redflex reaps a chunk of the $95 fine collected from violators; the
> city gets 52 percent of the amount.
> For the first 30 days, officials will send out warning letters to
> registered owners of vehicles captured on the van's camera, which is
> linked to radar and a computer. The camera's shutter is rigged to
> photograph only vehicles that blast through school zones and other
> targeted areas by at least 9 mph over the limit.

> Speed cameras are being used in at least 13 states, including Ohio and
> Arizona, where all state routes are monitored, the Institute says.
> "Automated speed enforcement can substantially reduce speeding," the
> Institute says, noting its studies in Maryland, Arizona and the
> District of Columbia found a 70 percent to 95 percent reduction in
> drivers exceeding speed limits by at least 10 mph.

This is great. Make the criminals pay, not the LACs like myself. And save
a lot of lives too.

You can't drive too slow