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Hello all on the Shoes boards,

So I am often asked by males (family, dates, coworkers, etc) "Why do
you have so many pairs of shoes? Why are women so crazy about shoes?"
Besides answering with "Why do you have so few pairs?" ...

My answer tends to be that shoes, like pocketbooks, can rejuvenate
tired outfits that you still like, update your look instantly and well
-- in general -- they aren't subject to weight fluctuations ... your
shoe size generally is your shoe size, so if you're dieting or
something (aren't some of us always hoping to lose weight?), you can
go nuts buying shoes vs. new dresses and stuff.

Anyone else? I'd love to hear people's thoughts on "the shoe
thing" ... is it really a philosophical gender difference or what? I
bet style icons like Sean Combs have loads of shoes and nobody says
anything to him.
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