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>>>> Milton wrote:
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>>>>>> You're either plain stupid or a naive numpty if you believe there
>>>>>> is such a thing as a cooling system "specialist".
>>>>> plus ever heard of Natrad? Have fun worming your way here.
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Milton
>>>> We weren't talking about specialist suppliers, we were talking
>>>> about radiator "specialists" in the context of diagnosing cooling
>>>> system problems, remember?
>>>> Nothing on that website suggests that they can diagnose a leaking
>>>> cylinder head, at best they will fit your radiator.
>>>> Any numptie, even you, can do that.
>>> ONLY suppliers?
>>> C'mon there are heaps of Google search's that show rad places
>>> use the word "specialist or specializing". You're a bit
>>> overboard Clocky.
>> You're not getting the point.
>> They are "specialist" in what they sell, not "specialists" in
>> diagnosing cooling system problems.
>> Some might employ mechanics to do the diagnosing but I wouldn't
>> count on it.
> You didn't bother to look at the Natrad reference I posted
> then. Typical of this group, post a reference and some idiot
> still denies the content.
> * Repairs on all Copper Brass and Alloy cores
> * Vintage Radiator Specialist
> * *Specialising* in Industrial and Truck Radiators
> * *Complete_Cooling_System_checks*
> * Clean out service with new genuine seals installed
> every time
> * Ability to re-core radiators
> * Supply of complete new radiators
> * Supply of all OE (genuine) Radiator assemblies and
> condensers
> * Full Air Conditioning offer, e.g. Service work, repair
> work and parts distribution
> * Supply of all new air conditioning parts
> * Ability to repair and make new Air Conditioning hoses
> and pipes
> * Fast turn around time
> * Chemical tests for *Head_Gasket_leaks*
> * No job too small or too big
> * Free pick up and delivery in our local area
> * Friendly, Helpful and prompt service all the time
> * Complete Cooling System solution for all your heat
> transfer needs

Yeah, I know what it says, but have you ever dealt with these Natrad
self-proclaimed experts yourself?

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Clocky wrote:

> Yeah, I know what it says, but have you ever dealt with these Natrad
> self-proclaimed experts yourself?

No. None within Kooee of me. I sort all my own *minor*
problems (up to the level of my own incompetence) :-) then I
go to my mechanic.

Anyhow, a lot do proclaim to be specialists (and that
terminology I think is correct for the pointy end ones). I've
only seen one claiming to be an expert so far.

Take Care. ~~
Feral Al ( @..@)
(\- :-P -/)
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Clocky wrote:
>I wouldn't expect anything from anyone who claims to be a radiator

Or from any other "specialist"!

Surely the only reason anyone would call themselves "specialist" is
because they're too young to remember the Chic Sale classic (I haven't
seen a copy for yonks). "The Specialist" was a bloke who built
shithouses, of the old "long drop" variety!

It was considered hilarious in its day, even bordering on obscenity,
and those outside of the medical fraternity claiming to be
"specialists" mostly disappeared from the scene for years thereafter.

John H
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"Milton" <millame23(a)> wrote in message

> Don't bother arguing Feral Al. When the mob get together, it doesn't
> matter what you say, all they want to do is put you down. I can understand
> Darrin's problem, but I thought different of Clocky.

Lol :)

If there's anyone around here with a problem, we know who it is. Don't we
Billy Bullshit-artist? :)


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"Clocky" <notgonn(a)> wrote in message

> There is no point in argueing points with the clueless who think they are
> right and won't budge from their position.
Considering there are over thirty regulars in here and it's always you and
Darrin who continue to use personal abuse, instead of putting up a logical
explanation or argument as most other do, I would suggest it is the two of
you who have the issue. Move on as you are only making yourselves look like
a pair of "specialised" ar#*holes.



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