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The obvious answer to your question is "Bloody Hard"!
Some do exist of course, but I doubt you'll find one by the trial and error
method you have been using.


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On Mon, 24 May 2010 23:39:20 GMT, "Crash Lander" <idont(a)>

>It shouldn't be this hard!

You won't find one in KMart...

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On 25/05/2010 11:21 AM, OzOne(a) wrote:
> On Mon, 24 May 2010 23:39:20 GMT, "Crash Lander"<idont(a)>
> wrote:
>> It shouldn't be this hard!
> You won't find one in KMart...

You can if you are very lucky, a mate who has owned mostly Falcons in
the last 10yrs was pleasantly surprised that one of the mechanics at our
local KMart was an ex Ford mechanic and believe it or not he actually
had a clue.

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Crash Lander wrote:

> I'm not paying more than the difference between the price to machine
> them, and new ones.

Well, just got back from Kmart, and the car now has a brand new set of
DBA rotors on the front. He re-did the wheel alignment, and he said
they serviced the callipers in case they were having an effect on the
shaking, which apparently they were not.
When I called to check it was ready, he said he'd chat to me about a
price we were both happy with when I got there. So, I arrived and let
him offer me a figure, which, to my pleasant surprise, was exactly what
I was willing to pay. The difference between machining the original
rotors, and the price of the new ones.
So, at the end of the day, i'm now happy, the car is safe, and
considering the fair outcome, I'd most likely go back to them. (That
one at least!)
Crash Lander


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> Last place that machined the fronts on one of the toys without
> consultation paid for new disks

How is it that you *build* all these "toys" you keep telling everyone about,
but send them out to be serviced?