From: Adrian on
"Brimstone" <brimstone(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like
they were saying:

> So, given that you've had more than your fair share of road traffic
> collisions (some might accuse you of being greedy and seeking them out)
> you have not yet suffered either serious injury (broken bones, coma or
> similar) nor death.

Yes, he has.

When he was a kid, he was seriously injured and in a coma after running
into the road in front of an oncoming car to "rescue" the corpse of a
dead bird.

His pig-headed unwillingness to accept any possible fallibility on his
own part is what's led to him extrapolating that incident into "all car
drivers are evil murderers"
From: Christopher Bowlas on
On Feb 10, 7:13 am, Doug <jag...(a)> wrote:
> As one who has been run down twice

Who did that and have they received their medals yet?
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On Feb 10, 8:54 am, "Nightjar <\"cpb\"@" <"insertmysurnamehere> wrote:
> Improving safety for *all* road users is one factor, but the subject is
> far more complex than that, involving changing attitudes, legislation
> and improved  understanding of the effects of road layouts on safety,
> among others. However, increased traffic levels in towns and cities
> probably does increase safety, by reducing overall traffic speeds.

What effect, other than a possible increase in injuries sustained by
people bearing red flags, would be caused by a return of the Road
Locomotive Act?

It should certainly cause a considerable decline in youth unemployment.
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On Feb 10, 10:07 am, "Mr Benn" <nos...(a)invalid.invalid> wrote:
> "Brimstone" <brimst...(a)> wrote in message
> news:_LSdnTwv4uIBG-zWnZ2dnUVZ8gqdnZ2d(a)
> > You missed a bit. We should all use the internet more.
> Can you transport food and people over the internet?  I thought it was
> limited to data packets.

Let's use Doug as a test subject, followed by 'Mike Corley'.
From: Christopher Bowlas on
On Feb 10, 10:23 am, Doug <jag...(a)> wrote:
> My guess is that the 2008 alleged low number of road deaths and
> serious injuries is either a temporary blip or is the result of
> deliberate under reporting to make things look much better than they
> really are.

What is the correlation coefficient of the rate of road fatalities and
global climate data?