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Pretty stupid. The 2nd-hand PC I bought had started to die,..slowly like
they often do.They die from an avalanche of shutdown error messages and
wierd faults like no text included in the start window text fields for IE.
So I swim around in the MS support groups (it runs WINXP home) but nogo
initially, I get a quote done to repair it. PCs are not my strong suit,
but I'm learning. They say "it's rooted and NETR!! (not economical to
repair). They relieve me of $45 for this "service".

Much dejected I go home and happen to read one more response which has
arrived to my Mayday>>

From "123Jim" microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support

**Reset IE to default settings
Open in 'Start without addons'
choose 'tools' > Internet options > advanced > Reset > apply > ok
Close IE
Now you can use IE normally**

And it worked ...!!!

Internet explorer was generating an error message to Microsoft which
included what appeared to be 2 corrupted files. It was unusable. Resetting
IE appears to have done the trick.

NB In WINXP Professional, they dont have the tool "Start without add-ons",
rather a "Restore" commaqnd which will allow you to restore settings up to 3
months prior.


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Jason James wrote:

> I often hear MS sux,..and considering the fly by your pants experience with
> them,..I'd have to agree.

Then do it.


Pick SeaMonkey, browser, email and news, all in one.

I recommend it. :-) Do it before the vultures start circling
that comment. :-P

Take Care. ~~
Feral Al ( @..@)
(\- :-P -/)
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>Got a teflon tipped solder sucker that works quite well but some of the solder
>they use must be that lead free stuff as the temp required on some boards seems
>excessive. Dunno if lead free has a higher melting point, just guessing.

Yes it is higher, and a PITA accordingly. Add some regular tin/lead
solder to the RoHS stuff to help it flow and then removal is a LOT