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>>>>>> That's not true of the war in Europe though.
>>>>> Or Africa.
>>>>>> Dropping atom bombs certainly puts people on notice ;-)
>>>>> It does indeed. Especially the Japanese :)
>>>> One continuing critisism of the Japs, that they wont admit what
>>>> they
>>>> did
>>>> to the Chinese in Manchuria before the war,..and wont apologise for
>>>> what
>>>> they did to POWs during the war,...maybe they think its all square
>>>> after
>>>> the
>>>> bombs...
>>>> Jason
>>> Likewise you don't hear the Poms admitting to what they did to the
>>> Boers.
>>> They invented the concentration Camp and thousands of civilians died in
>>> them
>> Sure,..Imperialist England was a pretty arrogant force,...but I dont
>> think
>> the poms ran around beheading all the locals in sight as the Japs did in
>> Manchuria.
> The Japs were a savage breed, but killing women and children by starvation
> is just as bad, or even worse, beheading is usually quick and painless(at
> least it should be, but hard to tell since no one has survived having
> their head removed to tell any different)

Yeeeaaah,...but,..I dont know, the Jap's behaviour still made everyone
violently ill. I mean they used to send photos back home to their family
with pictures of them holding heads,...I mean FFS!!:-)