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On 11/08/2010 6:26 PM, Jordan wrote:
> atec77 wrote:
>> If by good you mean sending the youth of a generation to an end they
>> don't deserver directed by impotent old men
> What would you have done?
> Jordan
I did what I could but I am not running a country so hence like you am
not qualified for much more than derision and scorne

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atec77 wrote:

> I did what I could but I am not running a country so hence like you am
> not qualified for much more than derision and scorne

Please, nobody here has sunk that low yet!
This diversion has probably gone on long enough, but we shouldn't let
dodgy throwaway remarks go unchallenged.

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George W Frost wrote:
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>>>> I've seen a German one where the loss of the war was blamed (if
>>>> that is the right word?) on the Russians, those fuckers just
>>>> didn't give up not to mention that they had no option but to fight
>>>> or get shot anyway.
>>>> They paid a very high price, as did the Germans and when the
>>>> Germans lost it
>>>> on the Eastern front (Stalingrad, Kursk) I think a lot of the
>>>> commanders
>>>> knew this wasn't going to end well for them.
>>>> Combined with the allies, Germany got put back in it's place as
>>>> their diminished luftwaffe and the pressure on the western front
>>>> broke it's back.
>>> The Soviets definitely were the decisive element in WW2. Just look
>>> at the numbers of casualties. German casualties in WW2 were around
>>> 5.3 million. Of them, 2.7million died on the Eastern Front.
>>>> Then the US claimed it won the war, the Jews acted like they were
>>>> the only ones sent to concentration camps, the Soviets decided to
>>>> overstay their
>>> To be fair, the Jews were the single largest target group. Well
>>> more than half the death camp victims were Jewish.
>> Point is the fact that the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin effectively
>> ignores half the victims.
> The other half who were not jewish


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Jordan wrote:
>> I once commented to an American mate about how poor the news is on
>> commercial TV, he said that compared to the US our news service is
>> brilliant, according to him over there the news is usually very local
>> and many national issues are ignored and international issues get
>> almost no mention at all so its little wonder that very many
>> Americans have little knowledge of the world outside their immediate
>> area. Daryl
> Americans are by nature isolationists, I see nothing wrong with that.
> When they get dragged, kicking and screaming into other peoples'
> messes they often do a very good job of sorting it out indeed. Hadn't
> you noticed?

Hitler declared war on the US and Pearl Harbor was bomber by the Japs - an
act of war.

In both cases their hand was forced and if Hitler had not declared war on
the US their involvement was certainly not a certainty.

As far as sorting things out, they've pretty much fucked up everything they
have turned their hand to since WW2.

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> Yeah, and then they go and set up those same Axis powers' industries
> through the Marshall Plan, so they are better off than before! How unfair.

Well, not really.

The Marshall plan and other assistance programs were designed to help the
innocent civilians who's lives had been devastated after their countries
where stomped into the ground by the waging of war (be they the "enemy" or
an innocent neighbour).

What would have been *really* unfair would be for the Nazi's to be quashed,
a great part of Europe turned into a broken wasteland and then the
victorious Allies walk away and leave the populace to fend for themselves.