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How to choose a car?
How to choose a car?
To help make the right choice to help a number of simple advice.
New or old
All buyers of foreign cars can be divided into two groups. Some try
get a new car, while others are oriented to a second-hand. The
advantages of the new machine are its much higher reliability and
warranty products. There is a new machine and cons - it is much
compared to "second hand" value. In addition, we must not forget that
buying a new car today, say, $ 20 thousand a year it will not be sold
for $ 18-19 thousand losses will be substantially greater. Therefore,
a new car more suitable for those who want to purchase a vehicle for
long time and have the least problems with its operation. And buy a
used car can be recommended to fans often change cars.
CONCLUSION: It is never too old to take a foreign car that was once a
prestigious - the cost of its maintenance and repair will be very
high. The new car is best to acquire the same calculation that it
be operated for several years.
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