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On Apr 29, 10:36 pm, Scott in SoCal <scottenazt...(a)> wrote:
> No, not the car (although the R8 is nice, it simply attracts too much
> attention and I've learned my lesson well about driving "ticket
> magnet" cars).

Sonofabitch. That seems an odd assertion for one who has previously
reported their driving record remains "ticket-free".

Is your audience to parse this report according to your previously
asserted "wreckless" record that includes being involved in 5 wrecks?

> What I want is that funny-looking box with the green
> coolant lines that's mounted on the front:
> I have been told that this device is an "infrasonic wave pulse
> generator." It sends low-frequency sound waves into the LLB in front
> of you, making his entire car resonate like Bootsy Collins' Marshall
> stack at a Parliament concert. :) When the mothersucker pulls off the
> road to find out what's wrong with his car, you zoom past in the
> now-open passing lane.

Oh. MFFY. There's a surprise.

> The MFFY Litmus Test:
> If your maneuver forces another driver who has the right-of-way
> to alter course or speed, what you did was probably MFFY.

A litmus test for MFFY suggests the obvious.

- gpsman