From: His Highness the TibetanMonkey, Creator of the Movement of Tantra-Hammock on
It was no ordinary day or place, you know. My yard is full of trees,
and the day is just perfect, the sun filtering through the leaves
giving you a warm feeling, the birds singing. It must have been like
that in Paradise, before Adam & Eve... Well you know the story.

Anyway the parakeets went so happy to see all this thing that they
went, "Thank you Jesus!"

You may call it a miracle, and it sounds indeed like there's one, but
parakeets are inclined to talk and enjoy freedom just like we do.
Sorry to say my parakeet is in the cage, just like I am, but we are
all hoping for the revolution when we can all fly away.

Well, this is tough, but I'm willing to sell them to a good-hearted
Christian willing to pay $10K for each (they are two). It may take
some praying, but the reward would truly amaze the world with the
power of the Lord.

By the way, I'm also teaching them this song, and in case they learn
it, they'll be worth $100K to a good-hearted Humanist willing to make
the case for the revolution...



"Imagine just imagine"
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