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Vehicle sales figures for May 2010, YTD figures, and the comparison of
those to 2009.

It's an Excel spreadsheet with the following tabs:
Retail Sales By State
Total Market Segmentation
Retail Sales By Marque
Retail Share By Marque
Retail Sales By Buyer Type (priv/bus/govco/rental)
Retail Sales By Buyer Type Fuel (diesel/hybrid/LPG/petrol)
Retail Sales By Country of Orig
Segment Model Passenger
Marque Passenger
Segment Model Softroader
Marque Softroader
Segment Model Light Commercial
Marque Light Commercial
Segment Model Heavy Commercial
Marque Heavy Commercial
Retail Sales By Marque & Model

I found some of the tabs quite interesting anyway.

(Great Wall have sold 2,400 vehicles - be afraid!)
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