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Mr. Toyoda- if you are lurking here, please spend a few minutes of
your time
cerebrating on these points: You see, its much easier for Toyota to
defend itself
and silence the general public, when the TM stock pps is going up.
Therefore, start
taking some aggressive actions to support your stock- it will be very
cheap this way for you. Like, declaring a handsome one-time dividend
some ongoing dividend; stock-buy-back announcement; loaning the ST
from the cauffers of the Japanese government and buying TM in open
Why its cheaper and smarter alternative to execute on?: because when
the pps keeps on going up, the small folks start doubting themselves
here, thinking that some smart, big boys are gobbling-up the stock, so
remain out of its way and hesitate from shorting it. Because
if they see an easy kill, they short it and then bad-mouth your
an excellent company, unnecessarily and just because it fell on some
temporary hard-times. Your Toyota cars Sir- I've loved them all my
and proudly ran their engines. It was so far the prestige symbol
in our American society. And, I'm telling you all this, from the
of my heart. But, now hard-hit with 2008 losses, many folks are
many stocks and forgetting all the loyalty aspects - how well your
have carried them smoothly all these years - badmouthing your business
like there is no tomorrow for personal gains. 95% of this will
automatically stop,
once they cover TM and the best way that you can ensue such a short
squeeze is
to trigger it with a continuous stream of buying TM shares at each and
ask for a few days, and do it immediately, starting tomorrow. This
be much cheaper alternative to get the positive publicity and stop the
progression of headline risk IMHO.

I urge you Sir, even as an American - don't let the millions of Toyota
vanish because of these publicity attacks and don't let the future-joy
driving a Toyota vanish from the lives of the billions on this planet!
Support the TM stock with all your might, now!
May you live a long life -- with the shedding of your tears here the
other day, you have shown remarkable humility and thus, in the
kingdom of God, you have achieved your special place already! Now,
help start
flashing green arrows on my LCD screen for the TM stock quote! [I have
some other fabulous ideas also for you, holding off for now, because
space/time considerations here].

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